Thursday, May 10, 2007


Zilch Day due to mp3 player crisis.

If this is the worst thing in my life then life ain't too bad...

Last night my mp3 player froze. I was flipping though songs and it just stopped. The backlight is on, it's showing a track title but it's stuck. No combination of button presses works to do anything. Plugged in the USB cable but it didn't even register with the computer.

All I can do is let it sit, I guess. I think I've gotta let the internal battery wear down and then I can see what happens next.

I really wanted to get a run in today. At this point it seems completely impossible for me to run without listening to music. I'd go insane. Running is stoopid to me... but it's worth it and I use music to A) give me a set time to run to and B) to take my mind off how idiotic running is.

But now I've gotta think about getting a new player 'cause this one might have shot? Oi vey. No. Unexpected expenses really bite. Being without an mp3 player really bites.

And this has been a whole lotta yada yada yadaing for something that really didn't warrant so much typing.


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