Thursday, August 27, 2009

Marvelous Music in Madison

It's not easy being awake when everything is lost . . . but it's easier than dying before I have my estate in order. This darkness got to give . . . but if it never does then at least there's the Grateful Dead to dig in the meantime.

How about a show...

Bertha Skull and Roses designGrateful Dead -- October 25, 1973

Dane County Memorial Coliseum
Madison, Wisconsin

1st Set: Bertha, Big River, Here Comes Sunshine, Black-Throated Wind,
They Love Each Other, Mexicali Blues, El Paso, Row Jimmy,
Playing In The Band

Set 2: China Cat Sunflower I Know You Rider, Me and My Uncle,
Dark Star
Mind Left Body Jam Dark Star Jam Eyes Of The World
Stella Blue, Weather Report Suite Prelude
Weather Report Suite Part 1
Let It Grow, Goin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad
One More Saturday Night

Encore: Uncle John's Band

(Three songs from first set are not in circulation, maybe not known to exist.)

Someone requested this show in the past few weeks and said about it "the tapes may be a bit chopped." Okay. The setlist on the .txt file is chock full of %'s and //'s which made me go "Ugh, this ain't gonna be pretty." In reality it's not bad! Three songs don't exist and portions are chopped out between songs and there's a minor cut here and there... but really it's decent. The 3½ stars that I give it could even be someone's 4 or even 4½.

For me this show doesn't really get going until the start of the second set. Don't get me wrong, the first set is just fine but I can't get enough of this China->Rider, the Rider specifically. At about a minute in, Phil's bass really starts coming through in the mix and as the band mellowly strolls down the lane toward Jerry wishing he was a headlight on a northbound train, HOLY CRAP, Phil ex-fucking-splodes like he's just dropped the biggest, PHattest Phil bomb into The Other One. That makes the whole show!

But of course it would be foolish to turn it off at that point. Dark Star-> Mind Left Body Jam-> Dark Star-> Eyes is an amazing slice of GD musical history. There's an active thread over at Lost Sailor's Pub about Weir's greatness on rhythm guitar and the Mind Left Body Jam totally demonstrates how he can play and play and play right alongside Jerry.

Phil's genius shines in the gorgeousness of Eyes. His solo in there is just mesmerizing and then the Stella Blue is so wonderful, like my favorite Sugarmag, it radiates with so much blinding beauty to simply melt me to my knees. Mmm. And then the Let It Grow... more wow. Fantastic stuff! GDTRFB picks up so much steam to really rock, complete with smokin' Keith on piano and Donna's excellent vocal accompaniment... okay, maybe a little screamage in there but after all of that amazing music we get such a fun time dancin' number to help close out the set.

One thing to learn with this show -- never let a questionable source keep you from listening to something!

one dude's comments from the Internet Archive:

Subject: Be Patient. This Is A Great One -- Like Ali.

Was told by Fishman that this show was a Dick Latvala favorite and one that he frothed at the mouth over.

The entire concert is well-played. First set has numerous glitches, etc. You need to ignore the flaws and listen to the music -- it's mostly very satisfying, curiously exciting -- something for everyone in this one.

All first set songs are energized and enthusiastic versions but they are somewhat marred in playback, but by the time it's wound it's way into PITB the sound problems have melted and we're left with a torchingly hot pure torture. Miraculously, the sound retains its integrity, though there exists some clipping on the bass.

China>Rider is long and lagubriously inticing all at once and backing off. The Dark Star>Mind Left Body Jam>Dark Star is totally polarizing from hot to cold, dark to light, sour to sweet, yes, and gliding generously into a grandly auspicious Eyes.

No matter what you are doing, this music draws you in, and you just momentarily drop whatever you're doing and assume the listening.

This Eyes is one of their best kept secrets. It's an honor to uncover a show on the Archives like this show. It was not recommended by buddies, or other sources, but it came about from searching. I felt compelled to make a big deal out of sharing this show. Then, that said, I received from various sources the confirmation that there was an obvious reason why Latvala held this show in such esteem.

From Eyes they fall back into the Mind Left Jam and casually (SUPERCHARGED) wend their way into a very sweet, yet very powerful Stella. It knocked my socks off -- literally! Stella, being two songs in one, features two of those seven chord progressions, one to end the first half and one to end the second and the latter comes up so subtle it will blow your shoes and socks off. Just hoist them up to your speakers. Why, in latter Stella performances, did they drop the seven chord codas? Too cliche'?

The WPS Prelude>WPS Part I>LIG>GDTRFB is a knockout! -- Right Left Muhammad Ali Combinations 'til your jaw hurts and your chest pounds out of synch! Jerry's Wolf hunts you down and snaps your windpipe.

It takes a mean and savage Saturday Night to bring us down to the gritty earth and a softly magnificent UJB to give us wings back to the nest.


Grateful Dead ticket for 10/25/73 Dane County Memorial Coliseum, Madison, Wisconsin

ARCHIVE HEADPHONES10/25/73 @ the Internet Archive:
the Soundboard for Listening Only
TINY STEAL YOUR FACE download it here if you'd like TINY STEAL YOUR FACE

Source: shnid=14451Audio Quality:
Lineage: SBD > Master Reel > ? > DAT > CD-R >
EAC (secure) > Cool Edit(minor cleanup) > CDWAV > mkwact(seekable) > SHN

10/25/73 - Part 1 Part 2 - 10/25/73
Madison, WI - 10/25/73 - Part Three
10-25-73 a.k.a. 10/25/73 a.k.a. 73-10-25 mp3 download 320 kbps
Grateful Dead poster for 10/25/73 Dane County Memorial Coliseum, Madison, Wisconsin

Monday, August 24, 2009

Sugarmag's Sweet Sunday Show...

I didn't realize that it's been so long since I've posted. It was in my mind that I'd start putting up some shows sooner than later but ya know what? Life happens. There are a few things that I've got lined up so Stay Tuned. Seriously. Stay Tuned.

But I will tell you about a show you can go grab now. . .

Yesterday over on her blog, Sugarmag posted a glowing review of a show from '93...
12/19/93 Oakland Coliseum Arena

Now I know '93 ain't everyone's cup o' tea... but it's a pretty good show. I listened this morning and while Jerry blows a bunch of lyrics, there's a whole lot of solid playing throughout. There's probably not one badly played song. It's good stuff so check it out.

A soundboard download link is in the comments there
so stop on by if you're interested.

(to get there, use Sugarmag's patented Slick Ticket Click Trick i.e. click the ticket!)

Grateful Dead ticket for 12/19/93 Oakland (borrowed from
12-19-93 a.k.a. 12/19/93 a.k.a. 93-12-19 Oakland Alameda-County Coliseum Arena Jerry Garcia Bob Weir Phil Lesh
Grateful Dead 12/19/93 Oakland Coliseum Arena
12-19-93 Oakland Coliseum Arena

Monday, August 17, 2009


Grateful Dead Steal Your Face fractal design 5Show Time?Jerry Garcia Band - Cats Under The Stars logo emblem dealie

Hey kids. 'Sup?

So, it's like this: I was wanting to put a show up today... but no such luck.... check back tomorrow (or Wednesday) 'cause I really want to post it... and I'm going to! It's a recent request, it's from a year between 67 and 90, and it's not bad stuff!

Have ya gotta request? It's also like this: while I have one show ready to go, I don't have anything else lined up. So now is a great time to ask for something specific. I can't promise it'll get posted quickly but I'll do what I can. It can be GD or Garcia or any other band member side-project, a certain year or state or venue, a song ya want, or, of course, a specific show. If not then I'll just keep doin' whatever but if ya've got a request, feel to let me know.

See ya soon

Grateful Dead Steal Your Face Play Dead

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Tonight at the Creek at the LSP

Grateful Dead Backstage Pass for 6/6/91 Deer Creek Music Center, Noblesville, Indiana (borrowed from Tonight (Sat, the 15th)
at 7 p.m. Central,
(or 8 p.m. Eastern - U.S. time),
there's a weekly Listening Party
at the Lost Sailor's Pub.

(They often run later than that so ya never know if some people might be hanging out listening to something else afterward so stop on by and see!)

Tonight's main feature
is the lovely and groovy Sugarmag's
first Grateful Dead show:

Deer Creek Music Center
Noblesville, Indiana

Lost Sailor's Pub - Grateful Dead, Jerry Garcia stuffYou can download the show in LOSSLESS or MP3 by going to the Lost Sailor's Pub and becoming a member (if you're not already one.) The Listening Party will be in the Shoutbox dealie on the LSP main page tonight at the times above . . . but you can download the show whenever you'd like.

Look for the category that says: Listen To The Sounds - Listening Party Updates and within there go to: Sat August 15, if you would be so kind. And there ya go! But ya gotta be a member so if you're not, sign up and check the place out! Lots o' cool Heads hangin' around with threads galore to join in on, if you please.


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

'84 & More

Have you seen the Dogstar?
He used to hang out here:

... but nowadays he's Standing On The Moon.

At SOTM there are some downloads for you, more in the future, and he'd like you to sign a petition to try to get an official Grateful Dead release from 1984 (as of now, there's not a single one.)

So go, make like Tom and cruise (HAAA!) on over.

Check out his new GD blog & sign the '84 petition:

Standing On The Moon - Grateful Dead blog

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Passaic Request

This should've gone up weeks ago. Deep down I've so desperately wanted to listen to the Good Ol' Grateful Dead... but I'm in such a slump right now. Life's just not all gumdrops and rainbows at the moment. This music that I love so much just ain't able to make life better. I pray that things change and I can love this stuff again the way I know I should be able to. Still I'm gonna give this show a second listen and, because I want to try to get back to posting, I'm gonna go ahead and get this up anyway...
This show is one that a commenter here asked me for.

Grateful Dead Steal Your Face plain design
Grateful Dead -- June 17, 1976
Capitol Theatre
Passaic, New Jersey

1st Set: Cold Rain & Snow, Big River, They Love Each Other, Cassidy,
Tennessee Jed, Looks Like Rain, Row Jimmy, The Music Never Stopped,
Scarlet Begonias, The Promised Land

Set 2: Help Slip! Frank Dancin' In The Streets Samson & Delilah,
Ship of Fools, Lazy Lightnin'
Supplication, Friend Of The Devil,
Let It Grow
Drums Let It Grow Wharf Rat Around And Around

What a seemingly lazy first set up until Music. Some nicely played versions, beautiful to listen, but the band really hits a higher gear with Music Never Stopped. They sure don't jam out for awhile but it rocks. Mmm, then during Scarlet we get a much heavier dose of his guitar work. There's some gorgeous space here where they just take a bit of a sail for a little while. More rockin' goodness comes in a fun and super high-spirited Promised Land to wrap up the set.

Plenty of jammy goodness in Help-> Slip to kick off Set 2. Nice valleys and rolling hills are formed by the precision playing here. What a beautiful ride all the way to the end of the show. One funny spot to listen for comes after Supplication when someone in the crowd yells out: "Cosmic Charley, Lesh!" In a good-humored way, Phil says back: "Ah, shut up! Shut up!" Just gotta love the little moments like that.


transcribed from:

The Deadhead's Taping Compendium Volume II, 1975-1985 [guide to Grateful Dead music]The Deadhead's Taping Compendium, Volume II:
An In-Depth Guide To The Music of the
Grateful Dead on Tape, 1975-1985

[out of print]

This is a birthday show for me, the first in a three-night run at this classic venue in the middle of a northeast tour. This is the band's first tour following the 1975 and early 1976 hiatus and the May 1976 studio rehearsals. This tour may have been the one that sealed the band's commitment to nearly twenty more years of touring after long and hard deliberation about their future. It saw the first comeback of "Saint Stephen," the last return of "Cosmic Charlie," as well as first evers of "Supplication," "Lazy Lightnin'," "Might As Well," "Samson," and "The Wheel." And it is the only GD tour featuring "Mission in the Rain." The strength of set 1 is found in the closer of "Music," "Scarlet," "Promised," although the "Looks Like Rain" and "Row Jimmy" provide respite in enjoyable moments of beauty. Set 2 soars, dips, twists, and reignites like a bird of prey in flight. It kicks off with a well-received "Help" that transcends into a liquidy "Slipknot!," traveling wide before a quick move back into "Franklin's." The "Dancin'" > "Samson" combination also features some of the night's finest Garcia moments with some intense trippy jam segments. "Ship," "Friend of the Devil," and "Wharf Rat" make up the aforementioned dips in the wondrous flight and are filled with moments of passion and warmth. The "Lazy Lightnin'" and "Let It Grow" are solid passages and propel the set to new heights.


I decided to upload the Matrix source of this show rather than the straight soundboard. Why? It's better! Well, methinks so and so do others. A tremendous amount of love and care goes into blending an Aud source with a Remastered SBD source to complete the gem that is a Matrix. The end result is something more full-bodied, yeah, like a fine wine, that's the ticket. Nothing is lost when adding Audience noise. The MTX presents itself as having real ambiance. A straight old soundboard in comparison can be stale and lacking the flavor needed to make it an even sweeter recording. Ya dig? Cool. Enjoy the Matrix!

ARCHIVE HEADPHONES6/17/76 @ the Internet Archive:
an Audience source for downloading
and the Soundboard or the Matrix for Listening Only

Source: MATRIX MIX: SBD/AUD (shnid=91861)
Audio Quality:
Lineage: SBD > Master Reel > Dat (48k)
Dat (Sony R500) > SEK'D Prodif Plus > Samplitude Professional v7.02 > FLAC
Transfers and Mastering By Charlie Miller

AUD: Sony TC 153 Sony ECM 99A Mike's Master Cassette > Reel > DAT
Matrix by Hunter Seamons

6/17/76 - Part 1 Part 2 - 6/17/76
Passaic, NJ - 6/17/76 - Part Three
6-17-76 a.k.a. 06-17-76 a.k.a. 6/17/76 a.k.a. 06/17/76 a.k.a. 76-06-17 mp3 download 320 kbps
Grateful Dead, 6/17/76 Capitol Theatre, Passaic, New Jersey

Sunday, August 9, 2009

14 Years Gone

Friday, August 7, 2009


Weir rocks Brooklyn and the World Trade Center...

Bob Weir Ratdog Grateful Dead Jerry Garcia
this is one of only 2 or 3 songs on the album
where Bobby (Weir) doesn't handle lead vocals... Bobby Cochran sings.
from the 1984 Bobby & The Midnites album
Where The Beat Meets The Street

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Not as gorgeous as Jerry Garcia & David Grisman but still pretty cool,

from Bruce Springsteen & The Seeger Sessions Band

Saturday, August 1, 2009


Lost Sailor's Pub - Grateful Dead, Jerry Garcia stuffOver at the Lost Sailor's Pub on Saturday nights, sometimes on Friday, too, they have a Listening Party. Tonight's show is the Grateful Dead on 8/1/73 - Roosevelt Stadium, Jersey City, NJ, yo. 'Twould appear to me that this show is 36 years ago today AND it's Jerry's birthday. There's always a lot of fun at listening parties so go check it out. Oh, I guess you need a time: probably around 10:30 p.m. Eastern Time. It could start earlier but if you get there late, no worries, someone will give you a link to the show and tell you what song they're on. You've gotta be a member of the forum and once you're Logged In, people might be congregating in the Shout Box on the front page of the forum but if there's no action there then look for where it says: Listen To The Sounds - Listening Party Updates and that's where the Heads will be. So check it out.

Tie Dye separator bar -- 1

John Dawson of NRPS, friend of Jerry GarciaAlso tonight: at 1:00 a.m. Eastern / 10 p.m. Pacific (U.S. Time) you can tune in (on the internet) to Dead Reckoning with Timmy on KTHO. Tonight's show will be Deadicated to long-time NRPS member (and friend of the Grateful Dead) John Dawson. "Marmaduke" passed away in Mexico back on July 21. He will be missed.

So also check out Timmy's show at:


one says one number and the other another
but they were set at the same time. Hmmm...

Calvin and Hobbes in the snow -- animated