Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Happy Birthday, Bobby. Say Cheese!!!

A big Happy Birthday to the Grateful Dead's Bob Weir.
I guess nowadays he's Ratdog's Bob Weir, eh?
In any case, I honored him with a sampling of cheese -- probably without a doubt the very worst album he has put out,
Where The Beat Meets The Street. A bunch of years ago I bought this... and I'm not even sure why. Well, I know why, because it's a Weir album, it's Dead-related. But what this CD has done is sit on my shelf ... shelves, plural, I suppose, because it's been on more than one shelf considering I've moved around some since getting this. It's been played least of everything GD-related that I own. I've probably listened to Springsteen's new album more times and I only got that like a week ago!

Today, though, I thought it would be fun to give this another listen. Almost took it for a run with me, along with a little ancient Dylan, but my muscles are a little strained in my lower right leg so I'm takin' a second day o' rest. Unfortunately, listening to this can put a person into a mild state of disgruntled unrest.

There's one song on here that I was familiar with because he played it with Rob Wasserman and also in some early Ratdog shows -- Ain't That Peculiar. That's not a bad tune. A couple more good tunes are Falling and Thunder & Lightning. Most of the rest is pure cheese... I don't wanna call it crap 'cause it is listenable... barely. I think today I wondering something like -- "Hmmm, if I was Music Director for the early seasons of Miami Vice, which song would best fit right in?" A similar thought could be applied to Baywatch and the answer for that show would be Lifeguard. Haaa!

Ahhh, well, amongst so much greatness there's often bound to be some swings and misses.

Owsley Stanley might not approve of a Steal Your Face being used here!

Out of respect for Owsley,
I won't use a Stealie here!

Bob Weir.  Definitely no Jerry Garcia here!  no Phil Lesh.  no Pigpen.  no Mickey Hart, Brent Mydland, Bruce Hornsby, Bill Kreutzmann, Vince Welnick, Phil Lesh, Donna Godchaux, Keith Godchaux.  no Robert Hunter songs.  I think a couple by John Barlow.  One by Gerritt Graham.  The band is Dave Garland, Kenny Gradney, Bobby Cochran, and Billy Cobham.  Truly wayyyyyyyy before Ratdog!  A few years after the Bob Weir Band.  Before Weir-Wasserman.  Nope, no Rob Wasserman here, either.  And so much cheesier than Kingfish!
Bobby & The Midnites

Where The Beat
Meets The Street


(I Want To Live In) America
Where The Beat Meets The Street
She's Gonna Win Your Heart
Ain't That Peculiar
Rock In The '80s
Thunder & Lightning
Gloria Monday


Timmy said...

Oh, hey! I didn't know about this one, did I? Well, at least, I know I don't HAVE this one, right? OK, So who is it that really does know, hu? Thanx..........

Zoooma!! said...

Timmy! You've caused my ears to bleed. Okay, well, 'tain't really your fault but your comment caused me to grab this CD and give it a play.

I'm beginning to think that listening to this more than once every two or three years is a VERY BAD thing. Maybe more than once a decade.

Let's see what my opinions are this morning....

Worst songs: Lifeguard -- This pre-dated Baywatch yet it seems perfect for that show.

Rock In The 80's -- An ode to Summertime Blues just wasn't needed.

Lifeline -- like a couple other songs, I like Bob's vocals and parts of the tune work like Cochran's lead guitar, but overall it's kinda lame.

Good song: Ain't That Peculiar -- Bobby brought this one into the mid-90's with Bob & Rob and then early early early on with Ratdoggie Dogg when Wasserman was still in the band, when Bob's dog was just a puppy.

Wow. I was hoping for more than 1 good song. Oh well. An interesting curiosity, though, it definitely is.

Dogstarz said...

I really dig that you put up stuff from just Garcia here. I am about to be getting this album. After the review I just read from you makes me think I am one of those people who must have everything I can from members of the Dead. Hell, I even got Seastones. So here is to hoping this is better than Seastones.

Dogstarz said...

doh!!! I meant stuff other than just Garcia. Sorry about that.

Loren said...

Glad to see that this is still available. Thanks for the share.

Anonymous said...

this one has been hard to find -and has been the only missing dead related record in my collectiion for years. maybe i understand why now!

gonna give it a try will come back later :)

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