Tuesday, October 23, 2007

With Running, My Aim is True

· Run Time --- 10 minutes 40 seconds

__· Temperature: 12ºF (-11ºC)
__· Total Trail Time: 59 minutes

· Trail Time in October -- 19 hours 50 minutes

____(starting Oct. 1)
· Weight Loss Goal -- 24 pounds (11 kg)
__________· So Far -- 5 lb.

This afternoon I had my easiest run yet since returning to running after healing from my tibia fracture. Not since May have I had a run that simply was not difficult. I've had the past like 8 hours to shower and relax and veg out on some TV, do some reading, take a nap, cook some dinner, and still I'm amazed at how effortless my run was all those hours ago. 640 seconds and not 1 when I was thinking, "PLEASE LET THIS BE DONE NOW!!" I hit my end cue and could've kept running. That's just freakin' sweet! Perhaps I've turned a corner. No lung/breathing problems. No leg fatigue. Just a great damn run! There ain't nothin' better for me to keep my blood pressure down and to shed some of these excess unneeded pounds. Some kind of illness due to high BP and being overweight is not what I wanna face in the future. I'd rather not have to deal with it, especially diabetes if I'd have to give up all sorts of delicious Good Eats that I like to indulge in every now and then... so I run. And I despise running. Running sucks $^%*#^&@ *(&%^$#&* %^&%#~# !!! But so worth it.

Tunes on the trail...

Elvis Costello

My Aim Is True


[Ryko Reissue
with Bonus Tracks, 1993]

Welcome To The Working Week
Miracle Man
No Dancing
Blame It On Cain
Sneaky Feelings
(The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes
Less Than Zero
Mystery Dance
Pay It Back
I'm Not Angry
Waiting For The End Of The World
Watching The Detectives

bonus tracks:
Radio Sweetheart
Stranger In The House
Imagination (Is A Powerful Deceiver)
Mystery Dance
Cheap Reward
Jump Up
Wave A White Flag
Blame It On Cain
Poison Moon

Bonus tracks aside, there's almost no better album I have listened to this year; there's almost no better album that I will ever listen to.

London pub rocker/singer/songwriter Declan MacManus a.k.a. Elvis Costello delivers an extraordinary set of tunes on his 1977 debut, My Aim is True. Why some people call this punk, I do not know. New wave is almost more appropriate. Tunes do range towards a punk sound but there is no three-chord thrashing. Far from it especially with Allison and Watching The Detectives and I could go on and on. No matter what the sound, beat, or rhythm, songwriting is brilliant all the way though.

The bonus tracks on this release are mostly solo acoustic numbers. Interesting they are but they don't add to the greatness of the tracks making up the original release. Stranger In The House is almost confusing. This guy coulda been a star in Nashville within the country music industry? Not quite the British pub rock sound that dominates throughout the debut. Imagination (Is A Powerful Deceiver), on the otherhand, while slow like Allison, would fit in rather well.

Basically just great music here. Woulda been very cool seein' this guy back in his early days in a bar in London. I definitely need to be pickin' myself up a used copy of this CD!


Anonymous said...

guy playing lead guitar (John McFee) played steel on Dead track Pride of Cucamonga

afterthegoldrush said...

Elvis Costello.I gotta post a couple of his songs.Thanks for the idea.

Kwizgiver said...

I saw Elvis in Dublin in the late 80s. O M G. Yes, I said it. O.M.G.

It was flippin fantastic.


If you email me your address I happen to have a duplicate of this very CD.

one says one number and the other another
but they were set at the same time. Hmmm...

Calvin and Hobbes in the snow -- animated