Thursday, October 18, 2007

Meredith Edwards helping me Reach my running time

Run Time --- 10 minutes 23 seconds (+0:13)

Total Time On The Trail: 64 minutes
Temperature: 25ºF (-4ºC) ... and snowing lightly

Trail Time in October -- 14 hours 33 minutes

(starting Oct. 1)
Weight Loss Goal -- 24 pounds (11 kg)
So Far -- 5 lb.

Two days in a row with a run. I'm thinking that wasn't a bad idea seein' as how great I'm feelin'!

I headed out to the trail this afternoon just before darkness set in. Two songs carried me along, helping to take my mind off the horror that is running. A fairly easy medium pace was pretty easy for about the first 8 minutes before I was really really really wanting the music to come to an end. Could... not... quit. No way. Since God didn't strike me down, I knew that I could make it. And make it I did. Whew. On top of the world I finally was about a minute after my stop cue. Not as easy as yesterday but not bad. That burning lung feeling from a couple of runs ago has gone away, I am so happy to say and so elated, I could jump in the bay... but since there's no bay around here, I'll pass.

In any case, once again after getting off the trail and back in my front door, I was pretty much wiped out. After a long shower I layed down to watch some Rutgers college football and some of the Red Sox-Indians playoff game... and was asleep with a half hour. A nice little nap was had and here I am later. Although, I'm not sure if it was really a little nap since I slept for about 4 hours. Missed almost all of the Rutgers game. Almost all of the baseball game. And Utah college football was on, also. Two of the three college football teams that I care about were on TV tonight but I slept right through most of 'em. Oh well. Made some yummy broccoli, chicken, and reindeer sausage stir-fry for dinner and here I am.

Tunes on the trail...

Meredith Edwards



In Any Given Moment
A Rose Is A Rose
The Bird Song
Ready To Fall
A Beautiful Mess
You Get To Me
But I Can't Let You Go
Slow Learner
This Is The Heartache
Places In Your Heart

If you don't make it Nashville then Get Lost! Meredith Edwards never seemingly made it in Nashville. She was/is a no-hit non-wonder. I'm sure she's a fine person... but the Nashville country music industry either spit her out or she decided that it's not for her. This 2001 album is her only release and right now it appears she is not a singer any longer. Her very brief Wikipedia bio has this about her:

"Edwards earned a double degree in Political Science and History from Belmont University in Nashville. She will attend law school at University of Mississippi starting August 2006."

Okay, but how's her music? Produced by Richard Marx, this isn't a bad Nashville country music album. I'm really surprised the tune Slow Learner wasn't a single because that may have had a better chance on the country music charts than the two released singles: A Rose Is A Rose and The Bird Song. Not that those are two bad songs but Slow Learner is, methinks, the best tune on the CD; it's got a pretty fun NashVegas rockin' style sound to it. Everything else here is decent with one track that could be considered a Christian song -- You. Very nice of Ms. Edwards to give a song to God... but in the end I'm guessing Nashville decided to eat her up and spit her out. So many artists get a chance to make it big with their very own first shiny CD, a shot at stardom... but if nothing charts, well, these days, you'd better make sure there's something you're good at in order to have some other career 'cause music ain't for you, sister. It's sad, in a way. Whatever happened to having a first album bomb but persisting anyway, giving it a go with a second release a year or two later? Not often does that happen anymore and it looks like Meredith Edwards is a victim of the One and Done mentality. If your debut don't make it, you're done -- See ya. Too bad 'cause I wonder how many great voices get put out to pasture. Their star may never have caught fire but the little music they did get produced for us who dig music, it's still out there, just gotta go find it.

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She can represent my legal interests anytime....

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