Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Working My Way Back On Up...

_· Run Time --- 7 minutes 19 seconds

__· Temperature -- 39ºF (4ºC)

· Total Trail Time --
53 minutes

· Trail Time in October -- 53 minutes

· Weight Loss Goal -- 24 pounds (11 kg)
· So Far -- 1 lb. (1/2 kg)

Yet again, I spent an evening asleep after going for a run. (Oh no, I missed all of the Primetime TV programming and the new season's just underway, oh no, what ever will I do?)

Anyway.... twas only my second run since approximately June 1st, since that horrendous time when I fractured my tibia. But twas my second run in a mere few days so me be likin' that mucho, yes sir indeed.

With two songs chosen to give me start and ending cues, off I was down the trail. Repeating my first run pace-wise, I moved at almost a wicked slow speed. While not quite speeding along, my time was over a minute and a half longer than Saturday. To me, that's a good thing. Absolutively.

It was actually fairly easy to clock in over 7 minutes. Unlike Saturday, I don't recall thinking to myself over and over and over, "Holy cow, when's the song gonna end?!?! I don't wanna just quit so when's the song gonna be over?!?!?!" Nope, none of that. I made my time but the aftermath made my life a momentary hell. Holy cow, why am I doing this to myself?!?!?! What am I thinking?!?!?! Hands on knees, deep gasps for air, is death soon? I do believe I even let out a brief but loud yell in agony. Instead of walking furthur ahead, I immediately turned around just wanting to get back to the house. On the way back, the time it took me to get back to normal was a mini-eternity, it seemed.

But later on after getting back in the door, downing about 20 oz. of Gatorade, and getting cleaned up, man, wow, I felt fan-freakin'-tastic. Okay, yup, this form of torture is definitely definitely definitely worth it.

Trail Tunes...

Cheri Keaggy

Child Of The Father


Make My Life An Altar
Open My Heart
Here You Stand
Child Of The Father
The Cross That Bears His Name
You, Oh Lord, Are My Refuge
Worship Medley -
__· We Have Come To Worship Him/
__· There Is Joy In The Lord
I Want To Follow You
Little Boy On His Knees (Cameron's Song)
He Will Love You

Because there isn't an immensely gigantic selection of really cool Christian music, I've got to sample stuff that I'm not so sure about. And so I decided to try Cheri Keaggy's first album, Child Of The Father. This absolutely isn't even close to some of my favorite music. What this is is music that the most prim and proper pastor's wife wouldn't be offended by. Perhaps you're driving grandma somewhere and don't want to play Jane's Addiction really loudly, play some of this so as to not offend grannie's ears. It's... it's good music, it's got a wonderful message in every song... but that doesn't mean everyone has to enjoy it. To be more accurate, I did enjoy it but it would take the right mood/situation to soak it in... like maybe if I've got the flu, laid up in bed, feeling like a miserable corpse... this might make for some nice relaxing the time away music. Or mayhaps feeling drowsy on a plane flight in the early a.m. hours, don't want anything too loud and obnoxious, just something soothing to help me catch some zzzzzz's. But just to pop in and give a fun time listen? Nahhh, not for me. Now, this doesn't mean I won't try Ms. Keaggy's more recent albums in the future. While a couple tunes here really did help my running pace, the whole thing overall just didn't do much for me, musically speaking.

Also on the trail earlier:

U2 -- Ave Maria (Jacknife Lee Mix)
Wall Of Voodoo -- Ring Of Fire
Dave Matthews Band -- Dancing Nancies

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