Saturday, October 13, 2007

There Are 8 -- I Will Answer Them All... I Think... At Least I Will Try

A new meme dealie 'cause I feel like posting something this morning but am too lazy, as usual, to find a news topic to rant about... such as, hmmm, alan colmes, is that his name, on hannity & colmes -- he objects to the term Islamo-Fascism because it demeans an entire religion. No, it does not. It just demeans the extremists and if anyone sees/hears the term and associates all Muslims with it then their thinking is just wrong.

Muslim Extremists engage in Islamo-Fascism. This is a true danger in the world, worse than almost anything. They want to murder me because I am a Christian and because I do not believe in their extreme view of Islam... and odds are they want to murder you, too. Are you Buddhist? You're not worth living unless you convert to their extremist ways. Are you Jewish? Well, then you're definitely worth having your head chopped off.

Saying that some are Islamo-Fascists does mean all Muslims are bad people. Absolutely not. Alan Colmes is just wrong.


Saturday 8

sat-8 :: techy.

do you have any of the following gadgets, and what kind? when did you get them?

1. cellphone?

For work I have one. They'll call me in case of an emergency... which is never but it could happen. Sometimes I use it in the field. But never will I use it for personal reasons.

I don't have a cellphone otherwise. I'm against them, I believe they're overall a bad thing for society. Correct me if I'm wrong but people got along just fine without them for, oh, a few years or so. Yeah, they can be very handy such as if your car breaks down on a lonely stretch of road plus a few other situations... but too many people talk on them when driving and in the store and in a restaurant and in line at the post office, etc etc etc etc etc etc etc. I CAN'T STAND IT! There's NO need for that. Society can function just fine without people calling their friends and waving to the TV camera and telling someone, "Hey, look at me, can you see me on TV?" I absolutely do not like to put people down but -- Morons. Leave the phone at home, please. Keep one plugged into your wall where you live. Have an answering machine. Your life won't be any worse without a stupid cellphone that you don't need.

And about using them in the car, I believe it was in late June or July near Rochester, New York, 5 girls were burned to death because the driver was apparently texting on her cellphone when she lost control and crashed. Something like that. All had just graduated from high school. All dead. Because of a cellphone. Yay [sarcasm.] Did I mention they burned to death? Not exactly a peaceful and painless way to die. All because of a cellphone. I don't think a phone plugged into a wall at home has ever roasted 5 girls to deaths.

2. digital camera?

I'd like to get one. Never have yet. I used to take a lot of pictures, very few of which I have anymore for whatever reasons... but nowadays I have no need to take pictures and show people this & that about my life. At times pictures of past travels and such would be nice but it wouldn't make life any better. The best camera is in my brain. That's really all one needs.

3. video camera?


4. video game console?

No way. Aren't there better things to do involving actual EXERCISE?! (Yes.) Video games probably contribute to America's obesity problem. So they're a good thing? No. Like so many things, they may have some good purpose but overall they're bad and they're also a tremendous waste of money.

5. TiVo/DVR?

Why? I don't think anyone really needs to record shows to watch later because no show is so important unless it's a news program of some sort. Watching TV can be a nice distraction, a mindless way to relax, but too much of it just rots a soul. And again, probably a waste of money because for most people nothing is truly need to see. Sheesh, will your life be any worse if you miss Grey's Anatomy or Desperate Housewives? (I could understand TIVOing or DVRing Blosssom but that's not on anymore )

6. mp3 player/iPod?

I would never have an ipod. The thought of that is appalling. I won't even get started on the iphone, that unbelievable item of disgusting consumer excess that 99.9% of people who have one truly do not need. Why people wanna be another sheep slave to the corporate apple is beyond me... but I guess that's America for ya.

But last December I got my non-monster corporation mp3 player. Suits me nicely.

7. laptop computer?

I'd like to get one but for now my computer use remains stationary.

8. any widget or app on your phone or computer to makes your life easier (commute time calculator, on-time flight alert, zocdoc, etc.)?

I don't even know what a widget is. Gidget's nephew? Or like a cousin to the Ewok?

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