Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Bush Has Broken Everything In The World

ednesday night I did not watch Keith Olbermann's show on MSNBC. It's essentially never that I do watch, only once in a while out of curiosity, juuust to see what he's gonna say and how many times he introduces a non-liberal viewpoint to a story. (Never.)

On the FOX News Channel I did happen to catch Dennis Miller
define what MSNBC means...


Two night ago I did catch some of Countdown With Keith Olbermann and here's what came to mind:

In their pre-show production meetings, they probably have a banner on the wall proclaiming something like:

With EVERY story, spin spin spin to make Bush look bad!!!

Well, kicking off the show two nights ago was the fires in SoCal. No surprise. But what was so interesting was that within a mere minute or two, (God, it's so hard to refrain from calling him some sort of name here.... God, please hold me back from releasing the hounds!!!)

...within a minute or two, it was already inferred that Bush was responsible for these fires getting out of control.

And again -- not one single Republican, Conservative or opposite side of the issue viewpoint.

All that's allowed on his program is Air America type of propaganda for left-leaning Democrats, anything and everything to make the approval rating of the GOP dive while doing everything possible to bring about a nation of liberals so they always have the majority voice on every issue... that's what Air America is, right? I don't listen to the radio but that's what I hear about them. Is Air America responsible enough too allow honest debate like the Fox News Channel does? I'm guessing no. (I've seriously heard that what they mostly do is just insult those who have the gall to think with a conservative mind. Insults get so much accomplished and do so much to bring people together, don't they?) So Olbermann must be following in their footsteps, in a way, on the TV screen.

So sad.

Probably why so many people make fun of the "Faux" News Channel is because they have the balls to give both sides a chance to speak. Allow people to see TWO points of view and let them make their own minds up? Get out of here! Many liberals simply cannot stand that. Dangerous. Very dangerous. These people who speak from a conservative point of view, they must be silenced!!!! Right? LIBERAL VIEW ONLY!!!!

Also, doesn't the Fox News Channel get their Talking Points directly from the GOP and from the White House? That's the accusation, most famously by former CBS news anchor, Dan Rather.

Of course, he never defended his statement.

Keith Olbermann enjoys molesting little boys. It's an accusation. Do I have to defend my statement? Why should I? Liberals often never do. Where's the evidence Bush and cronies started the war in Iraq to steal oil to fatten their bank accounts??!? THERE ISN'T ANY. (Bush is dumber than rocks... but he's brilliant enough to fool everyone? Which one is it?!?!?!) Just idiotic statements made and never backed up. Just like the statement about Fox News and their talking points.

In a lunkhead kind of way, I want a Democrat president in '08 for one reason and one reason alone -- and that's to see if Olbermann will be fair and balanced when it comes to criticizing the new Commander in Chief. Or will he praise the new Pres at every turn while slamming all Republicans who don't bow down to the Dems wishes?

Wait. Paying attention to him so much is a waste of anyone's time so that's a really bad want to have so let me change it to -- I want Olbermann to just go away. Go join Air America so no one will hear you.

P.S. I think I have a cavity in one of my teeth. Should Bush be impeached for that? The buck stops there, doesn't it? Hey, Olbermann, how would you spin my possible cavity to reflect badly upon W.? There's a way for EVERYTHING, isn't there? If you found out that you and Bush both liked the same music, wouldn't you say something like -- he listens to it wrong, or: Bush liking that music just makes it worthless now. Something like that, right?


Mark said...

"Insults get so much accomplished and do so much to bring people together, don't they?)"

Aw, fuck Air America...

Anonymous said...

When this is all over Bush will be seen as the worst president of all time hands down. I feel really bad for the people that think that Bush is actually doing what is right for this country. Finally the sheep in this country are awakening to his crap, it is sad it took them huge wastes of money on war and large amounts of illegal immigrants let in blindly in to restock corporations and reduce working wages to wake up.

Mark said...

That wasn't the point. The point is not EVERYTHING is his fault. Do try to keep up, would you?

Zooomabooma said...

So true, Mark. I thought the same thing.

Worst president ever? I guess time will tell but I don't think so. Giving 50 million people a chance at life without fear from the Taliban or Saddam Hussein -- that's a pretty noble thing. I'm gonna stop right there 'cause I don't wanna get into the crap that went down under Clinton and Carter... ws it under Carter that Iran declared war on the United States?!? And under Clinton that al Qaeda was allowed to grow and thrive to attack a U.S. Navy ship, two U.S. embassies in Africa, and military barracks in Saudi Arabia?

I ain't about to bow down to Bush for the way America has been run under his care... but I'm damn glad we had a Republican with balls in office. How many terrorist attacks have there been on U.S. soil since 9/11? I'm fairly certain it's NONE.

But why do certain media outlets only see the bad and never praise the good? Is a conservative viewpoint really bad and dangerous. Why not present both sides and allow us to make up our minds without shoving only negative editorials in our face??!?

Mark said...

If I take a liberal stand on social issues like gay marriage and a woman's right to choose, but a fiscally conservative stance because I'm self-employed and break my ass at it and support going after terrorists I am a "sheep" to these retards. Fuck 'em. The sheep are the ones who toe the party line and don't have more complex political and social points of view.

Anonymous said...

You're right, not everything is Bush's fault. The bits that aren't are Dick Cheney's. And, hell, they can both take credit for ripping up the consitution and getting us bogged down in a pointless war in Iraq fought on hundreds of billions of dollars of borrowed money. If terrorism is the challenge of this generation, as he likes to say, paying for his war will be the challenge of our childrens' generation.

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