Sunday, October 28, 2007

These Mutterings Are Not From Africa

Upper Volta is not Upper Volta anymore. If I was in what is now Upper Volta... and for the life of me, that country's name is now escaping me but the capital starts with the letter O and has like 6 syllables.... anyway, this is now bugging me... thinking... still thinking.... oh, maybe because it's nearly 3:30 in the morning, that's why I can't think of it? Hang on.... more thinking.... ouch, this hurts..... grrrrr, I STILL can't remember that country's name and I JUST SAW IT on a map like a week ago!! Oi, it's right under Niger. Dang it.

Anyway, if I was in Niger, I wouldn't be muttering. Probably not. Maybe. I guess there's no way to know until I go there. But seriously for the life of me I can't see myself muttering from Africa. I'm hungry for Entenmann's donuts!!!!

In any case, right now it's time for...

Unconscious Mutterings

a free association game -- I say ... and you think ... ?

1. Inaugural :: Presidential...

2. Pledge :: furniture cleaning spray stuff... or something all presidential candidates make yet it's never really up to them whether they can truly keep the pledges they make because there's this little thing called Congress who usually gets not much done while they're supposed to be working for the people yet they're really just working for lobbyists/special interest groups. It's all really sick: Dems and Repubs BOTH. Run the country the way the PEOPLE want? HAA!!!! LOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!

3. String ::
fun with cats

4. Trot :: horses do it

5. Fitness ::
Why is it that not many Americans actively take part in staying fit? Laziness rules? That's just wrong. Sad is what it is. Working out is often something that completely sucks... but isn't it worth it for the feeling afterwards and knowing that you're doing something positive for your physical health? I'm sorry, but in the future, I don't feel like dealing with some disease/cancer that's related to physical inactively i.e. being a fat, lazy, careless land whale while not constantly taking part in a level of fitness that will help to keep me healthy!!!

6. Cinder :: Floating through the air, they often land to help spread fire to other places. Not good.

7. Edge ::
Bono's little friend, David Evans

8. 31 :: That's random. For some reason Ken Griffey, Jr. is coming to mind (uniform number, but I'm not sure that's his... but it might be.)

9. Blue ::
I'm fairly sure blue is a color. And now time for a sing-along again, ready, and a 1, and a 2, and a 3 -- "Guh-huh-honna be a Blue Christmas, without you." Sing!!!

10. Leather :: and Lace... oooooo, sexxxxy!

Unconscious Mutterings from Luna Nina


Le laquet said...

Say it with me "Burkina Faso!" there you go!

Please note, when I said "Do the dusting with Pledge" there was no I at the start of the statement. Dusting? Life is to short surely?

Serena said...

Your mutterings are really funny this week. I find the words...many, many words/ideas association entertaining. :D


Zooomabooma said...

Thanks and ahhh, yes, Burkina Faso -- duh. I hesitated looking it up 'cause I knew it would come to me sooner or later! Just a very small inland nation of West Africa, and one of the poorest in the entire world, unfortunately.

Kwizgiver said...

What does it mean that we got several matches this week??

Great minds think alike... yeah, that's my answer and I'm sticking with it...

I am swiping your Vote for Nobody graphic for use at a later date.


frenchkys said...

Edge. Of course! I had the biggest crush on him growing up; I can't believe I missed that.

Awesome mutterings, as always. Cheers!

Helen said...

You say String and I say Cheese Incident! Rock On!

one says one number and the other another
but they were set at the same time. Hmmm...

Calvin and Hobbes in the snow -- animated