Friday, October 5, 2007

Jah Be Watchin' Over Me Tibia, Mon!

Short Hike This Afternoon...

___· Trail Time --- 1 hour 45 minutes

__· Temperature -- 35ºF (2ºC)

· Trail Time in October -- 4 hours 20 minutes

· Weight Loss Goal -- 24 pounds (11 kg)
· So Far -- 1 lb. (1/2 kg)

What a freakin' sweet time on the trail earlier! Or what a freak I am to be so fascinated with weather. I mean, I'm not a nut about it, I don't have a barometer to study, I don't catalog cloud formations or anything... but I'm really diggin' this winter weather only a few weeks into Fall. Not being from here, it's just... weird to me and it hasn't gotten old yet. As I type this, it's in the upper 20's (couple degrees under 0 celcius.) My woodburning stove is fired up yet again, every night for about a week or so now. I've gotta go chop some wood (not right now, it's dark) or hope for a tornado. I don't think the latter's gonna happen, probably not, yeah, I'd be willing to lay some money on that not happening... so fine, some real man's work ahead, a little late but it'll get done none-the-less. If I'm caught without wood (for the stove) then I can just turn the heat up but that'll raise my gas usage and oi... more bills. I don't grow money on trees and if I started laser printing it, the Secret Service might get a little upset with me. Me no wanna go to Leavenworth! So I've gotta start chopping more wood before the snow flies or else I'll have to buy some. With an abundance of trees everywhere, that would just be dumb. I'm now typing too much about this... next paragraph!

Up in Anaktuvuk Pass today, twas a mere 1ºF (-17 C) ... the coldest known temp in the territory today. How awesome is that?! A.P. is up north of the [Arctic] Circle, on the northern edge of Gates Of The Arctic National Park, couple hundred miles or so north of here. Population: about 300. I think the honky population is about 25, while the rest is Eskimo. If I ever end up moving somewhere off the road system, Anak's very high on the list.

Anyway, I headed out on the trail again this afternoon. And now this sentence will contain a word I do not ever recall typing before -- the wind was completely blustery. Well, again, not truly hurricane force but stronger than yesterday and the day before when I was on the trail. Fortunately today I wore pants and brought along lightweight polypro glove liners and wore a baseball hat. Much better than yesterday when I almost could've passed for someone strolling the boardwalk in Sleezeside Heights, Jersey on a cool summer night. No more of that out on the trail, not this year. Cold's really settin' in.

My time out there was relatively short but then again, twas only my 8th hike (I accidentally checked) in the past FOUR months. My tibia seems to be holding up strong, at least so far. Copius amounts of milk over the past long, long while quite possibly have helped? I drank that stuff daily like it was medicine. Maybe it would be for me like what spinach is for Popeye.

All in all a great hike what is essentially still rehab for me. Like I said, tibia seems fine but I also haven't run more than 10 minutes yet so we'll see how it holds up.

Trail Tunes included:

Bunny Wailer

Blackheart Man

1976 debut

Blackheart Man
Fighting Against Conviction
The Oppressed Song
Fig Tree
Dream Land
Reincarnated Souls
Amagideon (Armagedon)
Bide Up
This Train

Some very nice sweet roots reggae from one of the three original Wailers -- Bunny Livingston. I'm definitely impressed and I'm definitely a fan of this sound. Bunny's a true Rastafarian, livin' life for Jah, and makin' some great, great music on this debut from his solo career post-Wailers, post-Marley & Tosh. I'm on about my fourth listen today right this moment and having this in my ears completely makes me feel like movin' to Jamaica, mon. So easily (almost) could I abandon a life of wanting to serve mankind just to go and groove on live sounds like this every single night in local dive bars by the beach, not dance clubs, not where tourists normally wander into, I'd blend in as much as a white guy could, become a local, drinkin' Red Stripe after Red Stripe and forgetting life exists anywhere outside of a few square mile radius. Yeah. This is sweet reggae.

128 kbps dload @ Rique do Reggae


GUYK said...

I don't remember much wind in the interior this time of year..just the cold.

Now down in Anchorage I saw the wind//damn..5 below and a damp wind blowing off the Cook Inlet and it was
miserable. Even the Moose went under cover

Oceanshaman said...

I'm with you both relative to both the hike and the music. I'm in the Mid-Atlantic right now, Eastern Shore of MD, but I've also lived in the mountains of central PA, upstate NY, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine. Love your description of the weather, the land, and the experience . . .

Listening to 10-7-94 right now. A good run, in Philly, at the Spectrum. Not a lot of Vince cheese to contend with. Jerry is on. I'm likin' it . . .

Sam said...

Aaah, some good reggae. I checked my calendar and I busted out a reggae compilation on this very day. (I've been away from blogland for a week or so.) My wife and I have a pretty sweet Jamaican party every February to chase away the winter blues. As much as I love reggae music though, I seem to forget it exists if I'm not around the winter. Weird huh? Anyway, sorry for rambling. I gotta find me some Jah music to fill my speakers on the way home.

one says one number and the other another
but they were set at the same time. Hmmm...

Calvin and Hobbes in the snow -- animated