Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Midweek Muttering

From day to day there's issue after issue I could rant about. A lotta people sit at home during the TV network's Primetime hours watching all those shows. What shows? Beats me, I don't watch (most of) 'em. For me: Sunday's got The Simpsons, Family Guy, and American Dad. Then during the weeknights there are a couple of half hour comedies that I might catch. Other than those few shows, it's mostly news and whatever. When something really grabs my attention, I'll often research it a little further online -- maybe I'll look for a little opinion by BOTH sides of an issue (gotta see what the looney left is sayin'!) but 95% of what I want is just the cold hard facts without any freakin' editorialized spin. (Unfortunately that's how so many people get their news that makes up their mind about things. Yeah, that's brilliant.)

But when it comes to this blog, it wasn't really my intention for there to be pessimistic rant after pessimistic rant in order to push my ideas on people. Hey, some of that from time to time is okay but this was just my log of hiking & running, music & movies, not too much more than that. And that's how I kinda wanna keep it, for the most part, on the simple and light side. Then yesterday that dillhole from the All The Republicans Are Bad/Liberal News That's Fit To Print NY Times really got me so ticked off that I posted a video of Islamo-fascists cutting the head off of an American citizen. Man, that brought me down, and I am deeply sorry for using that video to illustrate a point, but Republicans and conservative values in the White House is NOT more dangerous than people who want to destroy Israel and allow their extreme brand of Muslim extremism to cover this planet from pole to pole and 360 degrees around the equator. Bush's foreign policy is not the cause of that way of thinking. I don't know how it can be stopped but to ignore it in order to socialize America -- that ain't no answer.

So, while I don't want to ignore important matters, I just kinda wanna get back to havin' a little fun... and the following is fun for me so without furthur ado.....

Unconscious Mutterings
(from July 7, the week before I started doing this meme)

a free association game -- I say
... and you think ... ?

1. Happen :: stance -- a word that I can't recall ever using before.

2. Terribly ::
cold it is not yet. October has seen the temperature occasionally dip down to 0°F (-18C) and while that's fairly chilly, even bordering on a little bit cold, it's not terribly cold... yet. Stay tuned!

3. History ::
Class... I did not care for that too much in high school. I floated through averagely and if averagely isn't a word then who's to say it's not a word? Well? Anyway, I took a U.S. History class in college, have a friend who graduated the University of Utah with a degree in history but today he's the co-owner of a SCUBA shop and is a SCUBA instructor. Now talk about an entire college education for nothing! I LOVE IT! But anyway, anyway, I love reading about history nowadays. Would much rather fill my mind with knowledge than fictional stories... not that Stephen King or whatever someone likes is garbage, it's not, at least not all of it, but me likes learnin' 'cause is there a reason to really ever stop? Well, huh? Is there?!

4. Master ::
and Commander -- starring that dude who's now the co-owner of a Sydney rugby team. Crowe, right? Russell? Yeah, that's him, in a new movie with Denzel Washington and was on Monday Night Football a week ago, in the booth for a little while chattin' with the announcers.

5. Petrified :: Forest: movie with Humphrey Bogart circa 1934, one of his first co-starring roles. Also a National... Monument, I think, or a National Park, in kind of northeastern Arizona. Gorgeous landscapes and tons of petrified trees scattered to and fro. I'm wondering if most of the pieces are vanishing by people stealing them. I stole a piece once when I was there. Was a bunch o' years younger at the time and just a pothead radical dork. I don't even have it anymore, no clue what happened to it. If I did have it, I'd mail it back to them anonymously with an apology note... before wiping my fingerprints off it!

6. Moan ::
K.C. -- song done quite often by Bob Weir and Rob Wasserman and in the early days of Ratdog. Listen Here.

7. Attack ::
Of The Killer Tomatoes -- some cheesy B-movie horror flick from probably the 50's when the Drive-In was at the height of popularity in America.

8. Picture ::
Perfect -- another movie, this time with the lovely Rachel Green a.k.a. Jen Aniston. Also with Kevin Bacon and Jay Mohr. I saw it this year, I think, I'm pretty sure.

9. Students :: high school, college, learning, getting pregnant, getting birth control pills as young as age 11 without even needing permission from parent or guardian. Yay America, way to go with letting morals go down the drain. It's no wonder Al Qaeda wants us wiped off the map.

10. Potter :: Joey... lived not too far from Dawson on the creek. And since I didn't first think of that wizard kid What's His Name, I wonder what that says about me? Haven't read the books, haven't even seen the movies, but I watched the show... what? She was cute, Katie Holmes, before she became brainwashed into that kooky UFO cult.

from this meme is called: Unconscious Mutterings

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