Sunday, October 21, 2007

If Barack Obama's related to Dick Cheney, maybe Terri is to Jimi?

· Hiking Time --- 2 hours 11 minutes

· Temperature: 21ºF (-6ºC)

· Trail Time in October -- 18 hours 51 minutes

____(starting Oct. 1)
· Weight Loss Goal -- 24 pounds (11 kg)
__________· So Far -- 5 lb.

It almost got down to 0°F this morning. I don't think it's been to zero yet but we're a gettin' close! Something like an hour or so after the sky started to show its first light, around when football was starting at about 9:15 a.m. (football on Sunday in Alaska, especially the hour-long pre-game shows, starts at breakfast time!) I remember checking the ol' outside thermometer on one of my semi-regular checkings and it showed about 4°F (-15.5°C.) That's why I was feelin' a little extra brrrrr, a little more than usual. One of the only bad things about this cold weather -- I don't think I've got enough wood. Now it's all frozen and even tougher on the hands to chop... and snow-covered. Surveying my stacks out back it doesn't look good... but not bad either. Luckily I do live in a house with central heating. It's always a good thing to use it as little as possible seein' as how with each degree I turn it up, the more propane I use, and the more I've gotta shell out to have my tank refilled. No worries.

When it "warmed up" this afternoon, I hit the trail once again for my second day in row to work on breaking in my new boots. I've acquired a new blister or two thanks to how stiff these are, how unfamiliar my feet are with them. Oi. Not bad but needing a band-aid. Better to have new boots in snow then ones that'll freeze my feet. Uh huh, that's for shore. Shore? There really are at least a couple ways to pronounce "sure" -- the normal way and the other way, the Jersey way, like "shore." What's the other way, then? My mind's confuzled. People've in good fun made fun of my spoken words sometimes, bein' from North Jersey and all, we got that accent goin' on. Through the years I do believe mine's discipated some having lived (mostly) in western Montana and Utah and for the past few years here. But still it occurs. It's who I am. Bite me.

By the way, my 2+ hours on the trail was essentially just an out and back routine hike today. All I wanted was to concentrate on makin' the time for the benefit of my feet becoming one with my boots. Out and back, some nice exercise with interesting tunes...

Trail music included...

Terri Hendrix

The Ring


Goodbye Charlie Brown
Spinning Off
I Found The Lions
Truth Is Strange
From Another Planet
Long Time Coming
Consider Me
The Fact Is
The Ring
Prayer For My Friends

Labeling music by style seems weird sometimes. This is called "contemporary folk" according to some. Maybe it's me that's funny. Contemporary folk, huh? Really? Okay. To me it's just music. Within that category called "music" usually there are two sub-categories -- music I like and music I don't particularly care for. This fit into Music I Like.

This is an instance when I didn't know what to expect. No clue. Singer/Songwriter/Musician Terri Hendrix is from San Antone/Austin/San Marcos so for some reason I was thinking this would be country music, not like Martina McBride or nothin' but real independent downhome Texas-country. What's really coming to mind about what's on this album -- Edie Brickell and a little bit of Sheryl Crow. Co-produced by the great Lloyd Maines, this is a slick sounding collection of tunes. Heavily acoustic, it surely leans towards country but not full blown into that genre of music. Tunes here that venture to a jazzy sound to modern NashVegas country to traditional country to a more folky feel. Nothing here makes me really think country, not at all, and certainly not Texas, either.

What everything really boils down to is this is nice album of music.

256 kbps dload right here
Terri Hendrix -- The Ring


Anonymous said...

Good Morning from deep in the hot of Texas, where it's a humid 78 degrees. I enjoy your comments, especialy about categorizing music in to like, and don't like. Thanks much for the music. I also downloaded Harry Connick from you a while back, and never thanked here it is now - Thanks!!!

May you become one with your boots,

Erica said...

If I say it without thinking about it too much, I pronounce "shore" as "shaw," as in, "I'd rather hang at Coney Island dan at da Jersey shaw."


one says one number and the other another
but they were set at the same time. Hmmm...

Calvin and Hobbes in the snow -- animated