Saturday, October 13, 2007

Soggy Two & Two

· Trail Time --- 2 hours 2 minutes

· Temperature: 36ºF (2ºC)

· Trail Time in October -- 10 hours 10 minutes

____(starting Oct. 1)
· Weight Loss Goal -- 24 pounds (11 kg)
__________· So Far -- 3.5 lb.

Oh so soggy hiking in the mush of melted snow that's turned the trail to copius amounts of mud. Ugh. But not impossible. A little frustrating, definitely wet, but totally worth it!

I set out again this afternoon under cloudy skies and wind blowin' so hard you'd swear I wasn't gonna be in Kansas anymore when I got back. Alright, I exagerate wind but when it's not still or next to still, it can surely be an annoyance. Combined with the mud, oh yeah, it made for a hike of immensely joyous proportions. Whatever. Nope, there wasn't much joy in mudville but again, twas certainly worth it bein' out there and gettin' the exercise that a couple hours of sloggin' through mud can give. Plus I saw a ton of bald eagles soarin' over the land. Made me pause in my tracks several times to watch them glide on the wind, diving and climbing, then dashing out of sight and back around again. Simply amazing. And some fresh tracks and scat made me aware there was also moose around. While they may have seen me, I did not see a single Bullwinkle today.

All in all a great time out there on this little local trail that can provide an easy opportunity to get outside for some big time enjoyable exercise! Alright, it's not really big time exercise like climbin' some huge-ass mountains... but tis quite nice still and I welcome it everytime (even when I'm running and my lungs are on fire from a summer of no running. Enjoyable then? Not exactly but, yet again, so worth it!)

Los tunes del trail...

most of Meredith Edwards -- Reach

1st Set of Phil Lesh & Friends -- 3/26/98

(more on each coming soon...)

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