Monday, August 17, 2009


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Hey kids. 'Sup?

So, it's like this: I was wanting to put a show up today... but no such luck.... check back tomorrow (or Wednesday) 'cause I really want to post it... and I'm going to! It's a recent request, it's from a year between 67 and 90, and it's not bad stuff!

Have ya gotta request? It's also like this: while I have one show ready to go, I don't have anything else lined up. So now is a great time to ask for something specific. I can't promise it'll get posted quickly but I'll do what I can. It can be GD or Garcia or any other band member side-project, a certain year or state or venue, a song ya want, or, of course, a specific show. If not then I'll just keep doin' whatever but if ya've got a request, feel to let me know.

See ya soon

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btsacto said...

I have a feeling I know what this might be........but I don't want to spoil it for anybody..... :)

Anonymous said...

How about 11-2-69?

Zoooma said...

Btsacto, you might be referring to the one with pictures? Or you saw the request someone left the other day? Those'll be next.... i forgot about one of 'em but now I have two on the agenda.

Alecriddle -- 11/2/69 has been put up here, check it out Here

Anything else?

Hans-Joachim said...

What about the rest of the Dead´s 2009 tour? Still waitin´ for it.

Anonymous said...

Hey Now Zoooma. Glad to see you peaking your head out a bit again. For a specific song, I really enjoy the revival of Visions of Johanna in 1995. Some consider the first (2/21) version from Salt Lake to be one of the best of the handful of times it was played since 1986. To me, this is the most powerful of the "Garcia does Bob" tunes. Jerry interprets this song so beautifully. They had the computer screens on stage at that time so Jerry could get all the words! There is another version from 95 on Fallout from the Phil Zone. If I were to suggest a show (that I went to) to have you share with the masses, I'd go with Augusta Maine 10/12/84 or Oxford Plains Maine 7/2/88. Both have explosive Morning Dew's to conclude the second frame. While everyone has their own opinions of what is good or not so good (informed by their personal experience or psychedelic headspace at the time), these two shows are absolute standouts for me. My trip started in 1983, so I have an affinity for this time period.

Hans-Joachim. A lot, if not all of the 2009 tour can be found on the internet archive (



Brian said...

Well, since you are asking......I will inquire on some shows I was at that I would love to hear again.7/6/90 Lousville - 9/30/89 Shoreline - 12/6/92 Tempe - 4/27,28/91 Vegas - 5/30/92 Vegas.....I know thats a big list but what the hell, you never know whats out there or not.

Zoooma said...

Alright, what've we got here? The list is now long and I haven't even posted the show I mentioned I was wanting to. BUT... I'm still gonna see what I can do.

Hi Hans-Joachim -- The Dead soundboards I'd like to get back to.

Those Maine shows I could do. Salt Lake City '95 I might wait until January's anniversary. I was at all 3 and so those'll be special posts for me. (P.S. good to hear from you, Torc.)

Brian -- I can work on some of those. It'll be good to listen to those years as I really don't enough. I was at the Tempe and Vegas shows and would really like to work on getting the Opening acts for Vegas and Hornsby may have opened in Louisville unless I'm mistaken. (I'm on an Opening Acts kick; I think it would be cool, if anyone's interested, to post those along with the GD show. They're not as easy to get but with effort a possibility.)

Anyway, Thanks for checkin' in and Stay Tuned.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Zoooma. I look forward to whatever you happen to feel like putting up. I was at the 3 SLC shows too. Depending on where you were sitting, the sound could get pretty muddy in the former Delta Center. The last night was my favorite of the bunch - the SLC to open it up was way cool and Jerry had a unique sequence of songs into and out of D/S including the previously mentioned VOJ. With respect to the Maine shows I mentioned, the M DEW from 7/2/88 is on YouTube...pretty psyched when I found it. Anyways, during the slow quiet jam towards the end of the song (I don't know the minute mark), Phil plays a little 5 note riff in a bass tone only Phil can do. Jerry follows immediately on Phil's heals echoing the same 5 note riff with a tone only Jerry could make. Maybe it's just me (or the handful of vegetables I ate before the show), but it made the hair on the back of my neck stand up at the time and still does today. I am a deadhead largely because of those spontaneous little nuggets of gold (some lasting only a few seconds). Keep the faith. Torc

Zoooma said...

I was so excited for those shows in SLC. I had heard the rumors for a few years, never really thought it would happen, and then finally yup, 3 shows to start 1995... which was weird because Chinese New Year's often kicked off the year in Oakland.

I don't remember the muddy sound but I sure remember the mellow parking lot scene. I look forward to listening to those shows again, it's been awhile.

What you said about that moment in Dew from 7/2/88 immediately sparked my interest. I'm not sure how I've never heard those shows. I've heard so much but just not everything yet.

I'll probably work on finding the best copy of that a.s.a.p.

Peace, my Utah friend.

Brian said...

Hey Zooma,

I have a sbd and a matrix version of oxford maine 88. What would be the best way to get those to you?

Zoooma said...

Brian, that's weird, man, just one minute before your comment, I was workin' on securing a copy and I'm good to go...

but Thanks! Your offer is appreciated, truly. For that alone I'll gladly make one (or two) from your list amongst the next few that'll get posted!

Thanks again, Stay Tuned!

Anonymous said...

And if you are into Phil, the bass at the Oxford shows was, IMHO, way big in the mix. A couple huge bombs in Jack Straw. Nice. Quite a bit of funny stage chatter in the first set too - even Jerry was cracking jokes. Most of my shows were indoors where the bass and overall sound can get muddied up a bit. One thing I remember from the outdoor shows I saw during the summer of 88 was the overall great sound. Since I am on the topic, you might also check out Rochester (Silver Stadium) from 6/30/88. A very good show with a sprawling second set, starting with the one and only knock off of Green Onions and a very rare Believe It or Not (a Jerry ballad that I truly dug, but didn't last). It might be one of those shows where "you had to be there", but I hope 7/2/88 brings you a little joy. Torc

Brian said...

Hey now,

Well thanks for bumping my requests up the line a bit. I will certainly do what I can to help get some more music out there. I have quite a few very nice boards from back in the day when you could still ftp great lossless shows from the net. Let me know from time to time what you are looking for and I will see if I have it.

And, anonymous is right....oxford maine has some huge ass phil has always been one of my favorite shows.


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