Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Zilch Day 36

Even though I've felt no (harsh) pain since that barefoot incident over 48 hours ago when on a super-leisurely stroll with my dog, I'm still waiting some more before I head out on the trail.

Whatever it takes, I guess.

In the meantime, I sit and wait. Not all healed yet. I can feel a very dull numbness in the general area of the fracture. On the Zero to 10 Pain Scale -- it's always way down to between 0 and maybe only a 3 or so.

But if I was to press down with a fingertip or two and find the exact point of fracture, I know I'd be able to push the Pain Level way up. Of course, that would be idiotic, but when I know there won't be that pain if I was to do that, that's when I'm gonna know this stoopid leg is ready to go.

So, more frustration. Yay.

With a local trail in the woods so close by, just about a minute out the door, all I wanna do is be on it, over and over, with music during a run or a short hike. I can go for an hour and a half out and an hour and a half back in hiking boots but right now I can't really go for five minutes out & back.

Almost no better feeling than being out there. But this time of healing must continue a little longer.

Grrrrrrrrr...... :(

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