Sunday, July 29, 2007

Dead in the Garden

I've really gotta Press Play on a GD show more than once every two weeks!! I was so due...

Grateful Dead 9/21/82

Madison Square Garden
New York City

1st Set
Playing In The Band Crazy Fingers
Me and My Uncle Big River,
West L.A. Fadeaway, Beat It On Down The Line,
Loser, Looks Like Rain
China Cat Sunflower I Know You Rider

2nd Set
Touch Of Grey Samson and Delilah,
High Time, Estimated Prophet
He's Gone Drums Space
Throwing Stones Not Fade Away
Black Peter Good Lovin'

Encore: U.S. Blues

Fall Tour '82 -- two nights in New York City. How would the energy be on this second night? I'll tell ya what, not bad at all. Some great energy for sure! Interesting energy, too.

Once upon a time in 1972, the boys kicked off a show with Playing In The Band. That occurence was the only one until this month of September over ten years later. For whatever reason, they pulled out a show opening Playin' twice on this tour already and again here for a third time (and fourth ever to date.) Only twice more after would they do that again (once in 86 & once in 89) so this was a rare treat. And what came next really made for a great combo to be hearing -- Crazy Fingers followed, recently resurrected, it's been on the shelf since 1976, and here it was making it's first NYC-area appearance since then. I'm not so sure Playin' is a great opener but the Playin'-> Crazy Fingers on this night to open the show, definitely alright by me!

That bit o' musical high didn't have much time to really set in as the energy picked up with Bobby steaming through Uncle-> Big River then back down again with something the crowd had no clue about -- West L.A. Fadeaway. Making just it's 7th appearance in a Dead show, this young tune was less than 1 month old. Not too many people in the arena that night had any idea what the heck it was. With an extra verse at the end (which eventually got axed by the time this made its album debut almost 4 years later on In The Dark) it wasn't so bad all the way back then. Like so many songs that need tons of tries to get right, this one needs some maturing but for the most part Jerry nailed it.

BIODTL, Loser & LLR up next were next to flawless if not perfect. They all led beautifully into the set ending China->Rider which was surely one of the highlights of the show so far.

As I was just giving a second listen to this while typing, so easily I pictured myself in the Garden that night almost 25 years ago. How blissed I woulda been, especially with the return of Crazy Fingers. Jerry was playing so well. Weir was full of life. The band was tight. Ahhhh....

Opening the 2nd Set was another mystery tune, going something like, "I will get by, I will survive" and "every silver lining's got a touch of grey." Hmmmm... must be a new song. Second of the night. Jerry didn't have as much ease with this one as he did West L.A. It wasn't so bad, though. Aside from a few missed lyrics, this 4th ever Touch rocked nicely! If most everyone there had no idea what it was, it was surely definitely danceable!

Touch went into a Samson where Jerry's guitar was near-blistering and Set 2 was highly charged and off to the races! High Time, Estimated and He's Gone were all spectacular leading into Drums. Estimated especially had the boys in The Zone, all jazzy and spacey, Bobby and Brent working perfectly alongside Jerry's noodling away while Phil, Mickey & Billy played perfectly along. Mmmmm! Not a single complaint!

It's not often that I praise Drums... I don't dislike it by any means but tonight the Rhythm Devils were on fire! It's no wonder Deadheads and drum circles go so well together. When you've got these two guys night in and night out helping to foster a love for percussion, how could any Head not be drawn to a drum circle?

A very cool Space led the way into more brand new territory. With three song slots filled by relatively brand spanking new numbers, this was no usual show.
Another period of fresh songs for the Dead was rearing it's head here on this Fall Tour. Throwing Stones was also on only it's 4th ever playing. What would eventually become a fan favorite is presented here in it's mere infancy. Interesting that the three new tunes on this night making their NYC debut wouldn't even be recorded and released until a few years down the line. It's happened in the past and it would occur again twice more for the boys. I'm sure a lot of folks wanted to see live more of the songs they knew so well but this was something they'd have to get used to. It had to happen sometime.

NFA and Peter followed the new tune, heading into Good Lovin' which really got the crowd frenzied once again. It's amazing to me how they've taken someone else's song and really made it theirs. Of course Weir played it up in his best Pigpen imitation... a lovely homage it always is while at the same time so cheesy Bobby! Wrapping it all up, the U.S. Blues encore left the crowd both satisfied and wanting more; it was a great capper to this exquisite yet interesting night what with the beautiful playing, the band so tight, the energy really high and the new numbers introduced to the NYC fans for the very first time. Perhaps a Top 10 show of 1982? Quite possible. If not Top 10 it's still nothing less than a pleasure to listen to!
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9/21/82 Grateful Dead - MSG, NYC - 1st Set
Set 2, Part I - Madison Square Garden 9/21/82
9/21/82 MSG, NYC - 2nd Set, Part II
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warlock said...

I just got this downloaded. Thank you MUCH!

Zooomabooma said...

You're welcome very much, my Illinois friend! Enjoy the tunes and thanks for your comments!

If no one said thanks for dloads, they'd surely eventually stop so it's good to hear from you, it encourages me to keep sharing the tunes!

Catchya later!

Anonymous said...

Hey man, thanks for posting this show, because...

I was at this show!

I was in 12th grade...Me and my friends (about 5 of us, including my older brother) took the Long Island Railroad into Penn Station, spent the day partying around Madison Square Garden until show time.

N.Y.C Dead shows were always a trip....ah, the good ol' days.

The 1982 'scene' was still pretty cool, unlike the 90's when the scene turned kind of ''uncool.''

I went to both these shows and I even had that Grateful Dead/WPLJ sticker on my note book at school.

BTW, My first Grateful Dead shows were in 1980 at the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum. (Spring Tour, May 1980)

These are the shows that made up the CD ''Grateful Dead Go To Nassau''

Thanks for posting this shows, I'll pass it along to the boys!

one says one number and the other another
but they were set at the same time. Hmmm...

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