Tuesday, July 24, 2007

gettin' better...

El paino seems to be getting el bettero.

Past couple weeks it hasn't been bad pain to begin with. Occasionally there's an instance of low end pain, or really momentary feelings of aching discomfort. Those few times a day, I'm reminded of the Healing In Progress.

I'm reminded -- Not Ready To Go For A Hike Yet... definitely no running yet.

The past 48 hours or so I think have been better than last week.

I've got a good feeling my tibia fracture is surely on its way to getting to the point where I'll be ready to start getting some easy hikes in before some longer ones... and then some short runs, minute by minute, working my way back up to 20 minutes and beyond.

Bottomline -- didn't get out today. Still gotta wait.

No run. No hike. Not yet.

Zilch Day 41

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