Wednesday, July 25, 2007

6 weeks now...

Alrighty then... today's objective:

report on a postive aspect of being sidelined with a fractured tibia.

Everything is negative...

No running means no high impact exercise which is great for the heart, great for helping to keep away diabetes/cancer, great for helping keep the body from being fat and unhealthy (and sometimes great for enjoying some great music!)

No hiking means I am missing out on something I love to do most. there aren't many thing better than hitting a trail, getting OUTSIDE and enjoying nature while getting a little low-medium impact exercise (and sometimes enjoying some great music!)

What's good?

I won't have to buy new hiking boots or running shoes for an extra 2-3 months.

What consolation. Yippee.

Zilch Day 42 -- 6 weeks without a single run, without a single hike.

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