Wednesday, July 4, 2007


What a great day today is. Why great? Today's the celebrated birthday of America. The celebrated anniversary of being free from the evil empire across the seas -- England. I really do love Great Britain but why's America called the Evil Empire when it's England who's done more colonizing than the United States?!

Anyway... I had no special plans for today. I actually often choose to work on holidays, this one included, and Easter and Thanksgiving and Christmas and even working when the clock strikes midnight on New Year's Eve... oh, and can't forget Secretary's Day. But no work for me today, though. Nothing but rest. Some baseball on TV. Studying some Russian. A little reading. Yada yada yada. Almost chose a July 4 Dead show to listen to but with old-fashioned dial-up internet, my decision came to late to dload it fast enough before the day was through. Oh well. (One average GD shows often takes like 25-30 hrs... but so worth it!) So tonight's tunes, which I dloaded awhile back, I gave a try, knocked it off my list of stuff to check out in the near-future. The near-future (for this album at least) became the now...

P.S. shouldn't people who opposed the Iraq War boycott the 4th of July? I mean, this war celebrates independence which was achieved using WAR and DEATH. Innocent civilians died. A way of life was severely disrupted. People had their homes stolen and burned to the ground. Yet even for people who oppose freedom for Iraq through war will be celebrating this day and surely many've celebrated this day in the past few years, as well
. Hmmmm.

Then again, who the heck truly celebrates this day as the anniversary of independence from England???? Ain't it just an excuse to have a day off from work, to have a backyard barbeque or a trip to the lake and oh, can't forget, an excuse to light fireworks, where legal, of course.
I wonder how many people think about how we got our independence -- through war. But war is wrong, right? No, not always. Ask the 50 million people in Afghanistan and Iraq combined and the majority, while saying that yes, life sucks for them in many ways still, they'll say they're glad war happened because it was needed in order for them to have a chance at peaceful freedom. Without war they'd be stuck in the hell that the Taliban and Hussein held over them. Some of the results of war are terribly ugly. But sometimes war is needed.

My Chemical Romance

I Brought You My Bullets,
You Brought Me Your Love (2002)

Honey, This Mirror Isn't Big Enough For The Two Of Us
Vampires Will Never Hurt You
Drowning Lessons
Our Lady Of Sorrows
Headfirst For Halos
Skylines And Turnstiles
Early Sunsets Over Monroeville
This Is The Best Day Ever
Demolition Lovers

These dudes from northern New Jersey (gotta distinguish between south Jersey which really is a different state than the north) formed from the ashes of 9/11, sort of. The lead singer saw flames and the towers fall from across the river. He was already a musician and decided to live for the now and form a band. This album was their first, before they had major label success.

This album was also the first I have ever heard from them. Sadly, I didn't really care for the music too much. One can barely make out half the lyrics 'cause they're screamed or the music enough drowns out the singing. It's a (mostly) very loud punk kinda industrial loud sound that would make for great mosh pitting while not even paying attention to the actual content of the songs. Basically -- yawn. I'll probably never listen to this album again but someday I might try out their later stuff, though I do reserve the right to revisit this because some of it, used in the right mix, could make for good running music... maybe. Since running sucks this might be some perfect music to take the mind off the run, to keep the mind preoccupied with everything but the severe boringness that is running.

One song on this album is worth mentioning a little more about -- "Skylines and Turnstiles" was written about 9/11. Unfortunately, due to the fact that the loudly screamed lyrics aren't easily made out, the meaning of the song is lost to the average listener. Here's some of the lines from the song:

"You're not in this alone
Let me break this awkward silence
Let me go, go on record
Be the first to say I'm sorry"

"This broken city sky like butane on my skin
and stolen from my eyes
Hello Angel tell me where are you
Tell me where we go from here"

"Steel corpses stretch out towards and ending sun scorched and black
It reaches in and rips your flesh apart
With ice cold hands and grabs a hold of your heart
That's if you've still got one that's left inside that cave you call a chest
And after seeing what we saw, can we still proclaim our innocence"

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