Thursday, May 15, 2008

New Use For A Keyboard

Why is violence funny?

I don't know if the camera footage is real or staged... but it looks like a real fight... and it's freakin' funny! If someone's beating someone up on the street or truly beating on someone's ass in a video... that's certainly not funny. Maybe it's not the violence itself, it's the losing of his temper. Still, when someone loses the temper, that's when people get hurt, that's when people get killed, etc. Nothing good comes from someone losing their temper... or at least that's probably the case most of the time.

But this is funny. Well, at least I think so. Is that right?


Deadman said...

Nothing good comes from someone losing their temper... or at least that's probably the case most of the time.

I disagree. In today's world we are encouraged to FEEL OUR FEELINGS. Except anger.

Don't get get angry we hear time and again.

Fuck that. You piss me off, I'm going to let you know. It's a warning sign. Back the fuck off.

Of course violence is not good, but getting angry, and showing it, has a very useful purpose. Violence ensues when people ignore the warning signs and take it to the next level.

And it's always funny when someone who deserves it gets trounced.

I know, I know, not the average DEADHEAD philosophy...

Sugarmag said...

That was very weird. I didn't find it funny but if I had watched it before you asked, "Why is violence funny?" I might have laughed because I would not have been watching it critically, if that makes sense. It's also odd that when people fall and get hurt, people often find it funny. Maybe it's funny because it's unexpected?

I think anger is fine, and I think that the problem is that many people do not know appropriate ways to express their anger so they end up kicking the shit out of someone.

Zooomabooma said...

I don't really get angry... stuff that might anger people just makes me sad at the stoopidity of people and the world.

And I totally disagree that it's funny when someone who deserves it gets trounced. A trouncing = violence, right? Violence can just not be funny, I think.

And yeah, it makes total sense, Sugar Mag, that you might've laughed... I kinda spoiled the humor in the video by asking the question first if violence is funny. Whoops.

And yeah again, it is funny when people fall... sometimes. I LOVE watching that show America's Funniest Home Videos -- so much is so funny, it's so great to laugh!!! But sometimes some of those videos have someone getting hurt, I'm sure of it, and always at those videos I don't laugh, not a single bit. Someone getting hurt isn't funny... unless they laugh about it first and it's not a bad injury.

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