Tuesday, May 20, 2008

men beat up women - getting shot at

Men beat up women because ____________________. No matter what pathetic reason the blank gets filled in with, I'll never stop being completely confounded by the dooshbaggery of fellow members of this sex of human beings.

Often there's time to nap, read, veg out on ESPN or cable news or DVDs of Baywatch... whatever. Overnight means 12 hours mostly consisting of getting paid to wait. That's cool with me. The less calls there are, the less people who need me to take care of their medical needs. Should an EMT want people to be wounded, sick, hurting in order to keep working?! No way.

Last night we had one call that's one of those that leaves me in nothing but the worst mood... and it doesn't help when some jackass shoots at the ambulance... while I'm sitting in the driver's seat. That's just wonderful (I say with pure sarcasm.)

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one says one number and the other another
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