Saturday, May 10, 2008

Cheeseburgers In The Sub-Arctic and The Duke Dies

I've gotta leave Alaska. Tonight helped hammer that feeling into me.

There was a going away party-thing-get-together for an EMT at work who is leaving tomorrow, going back to New Mexico where's he originally from. Twas a casual gathering at someone's home, complete with plenty of horrible beer (which I passed on) plus the grilling of burgers and hot dogs outside in the backyard. While people were free to go inside and out as they wished, most of the night took place on the deck where the grill and beer was. Warmest day of the year it was today; before the sun began it's long, slow descent below the horizon, we were all the way up into the low 60's. For many, myself included, it was the first backyard [BBQ*] of the year.

It's early May, closing in quickly on the middle of the month... and this was the first time I've had food off the grill this year. Because of the weather this far north, that's the way it is here... and that just doesn't seem right.

I dunno... I'd just really dig having four distinct seasons again, seasons that last longer than 3 weeks... which is about how long Spring and Fall are here... maybe not that short but it seems like it... while Winter lasts more than half the year, essentially... and I think I'm getting tired of it.

From the first snow in mid-October until it's gone in late April, I never complain... at least I can't recall complaining. I truly get a kick out of 20 degrees below zero (and worse.) It doesn't bother me... well, working outside sometimes, that can really hurt the fingers but other than that, it's interesting.

But come this time o' the year, I really get to thinkin how I might wanna end this Exile on Cold Street and head back where I'll be more at home -- New Jersey or New England... where the weather makes sense... where the wind don't blow so strange. Beats me. This much typing about it just has me confused. I've settled in here for almost 4 years now... but did I ever think it would be forever? The fact that I'm questioning that says no.

In any case -- had a nice night sayin goodbye to someone who's been my partner on dozens of shifts throughout the years. We weren't really close as friends but I guess we were work friends who'd have a beer after work or have breakfast after an overnight shift. Yeah, there was a bunch of that so it was good to know him and I wish him luck down in New Mexico.

* to BBQ I no longer consider cooking hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill because real BBQ is usually pork or beef, slow-cooked over low heat and is most definitely not flipping burgers on a grill!

Now, an attempt to get back to posting about some movies I watch...


Wake Of The Red Witch (1948) (starring John Wayne & Gail Russell with Gig Young) (movie poster) Wake Of The Red Witch


starring: John Wayne, Gail Russell, Gig Young

It has been at least a dozen years since I've seen this. Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe like six or seven. Ya know what, I don't keep track of when I watch movies. It's been awhile and there was very little, if anything at all, that I remembered about Wake Of The Red Witch.

The Duke plays a sea captain in the late 1800's sometime, sailing the South Pacific and making his way from one island and one ship to the next. He's a complicated character -- rough, mean, nice, sensitive, daring, drunk, cunning. Of course, along comes a girl (Gail Russell) who complicates things between Captain Ralls (John Wayne) and his employer, Sidneye, a shipping owner who's got nothing on his mind except greed and revenge. The two never have a final showdown in the end but Captain Ralls has the upper hand all the way... which shouldn't be a surprise because he, John Wayne, is the star after all. There's an unexpected ending as the hero doesn't ride off into the sunset as he usually does. He leaves on his own terms, though because, again, he's John Wayne.

Seeing the Duke in this setting isn't my favorite. Always better he is, I think, in a military uniform or on a horse... or both. This was certainly different. His character has a lot of range here and the story seems quite complex for the time, more so than other John Wayne movies. Overall not nearly one of the best but it was alright.


Mandingo said...

Time to beat it on down the line...

Sugarmag said...

Alaska sounds beautiful but the late short spring, short summer, short fall and long long winter sounds like it would get old.
Every time I hear "The Duke," all I can think of is Duke Ellington.

Zooomabooma said...

Mandingo's got no public profile... but that's alright, thanks for stoppin by anyway!

And whaaaaaaaaaaaaa? Duke Ellington's a fine jazz musician... or was... but The Duke... JOHN WAYNE!!!!!!! Oi. I'm considering banning you for that. Seriously. No, not seriously. Just kidding :)

But as far as Beating IODTL and goin where the wind don't blow so strange... and where there are normal American seasons, that's somethin that was on my mind when it was warm last summer, and something that'll be on my mind this summer as well.

There'll definitely be more on this from time to time...

Mandingo said...

Mandingo is a Dead fan from way back. I like what you've got here, zOOma. Nice site.

Oh, is it three "o's", chief?


one says one number and the other another
but they were set at the same time. Hmmm...

Calvin and Hobbes in the snow -- animated