Monday, May 5, 2008

Breakfast with Jerry

Oh boy, 9 pm as I begin to create this post... coffee is made and is this my morning? Or what? Earlier this afternoon on into the evening I slept, close to 8 hours worth of Zzzzzz's. Now I'm awake and I'm ready to go! I tell ya, working my "normal" daytime/evening hours and then changing my schedule for awhile to work the night shift, man, that really messes me up. Okay, maybe not really so much... but seriously, is this my morning? Do I eat breakfast now? Did I mention it's 9 in the p.m.?

Anyway... I wanted to give this show another listen and post it up before I went to sleep... but seeing on the news all that death and destruction in Burma really wiped me out. Stoopid darn freakin' cyclones. In moments like that I reflect upon what Bob Weir said one summer night in 1995 -- "music can be used to ease us through the sad times." Yes... tis very, very true... but sometimes you've gotta put the tunes on hold for a little while. Burma really needs help right now and I hope everyone reading this cares enough about human lives to fork over a couple bucks, at least, to do a tiny part to help out. Two bucks seems like nothing... but believe me, aid organizations welcome every dollar they get... and the government of Burma is NOT going to do everything they can to help all the people who right now have nothing. Not only will they not do everything they can... there's little that they can do. Those people who were slammed by that storm, they're human beings... and they need the help of fellow human beings. Alright? So give, darn it!! (Handy links in the post just before this one.)


Well, now it's time for some music! Yes, yessir indeedy, and I don't announce any old music like all those assorted albums I use for running... nah, that's all well and good in my ears but this is truly what makes my world go 'round... and if it helps make yours go 'round as well... then enjoy!

GARCIA KIND OF A STEALIE HAND THINGJerry Garcia Band - March 2, 1985
The Stone, San Francisco

1st Set (partial)
Let It Rock, Simple Twist Of Fate, Deal

2nd Set

How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You),
When I Paint My Masterpiece, Run For The Roses,
Gomorrah, Reuben and Cherise, Midnight Moonlight

So now how many years has it been since I've listened to some JGB from 1985? Anyone know? I have no clue... but it's been awhile... how long? Too long, I say! Too darn long!! (The whole problem is these days and weeks and months -- they're all too short!!!! We need more time in this life, more time for all this GREAT music!)

Anyway... in the first 60 days of 1985, the Grateful Dead had only played 3 shows and this would be the first Jerry show of the year. Yeah, it's too bad that the 1st Set is only a partial but that's the way it is. What's missing? Interesting thing -- no one's come forward with that mystery information. No matter.

Let It Rock was likely about smack dab in the middle of the 1st Set and it doesn't take long before hearing that Jerry is really into this show. But wait, there's more! Holy crap, he totally lights it up near the end. Man, oh my... from great to speechlessly freakin' sweet in about a minute flat there around the 7 minute mark. Mmmm!

More mmmm follows with Simple Twist. Just lean back, close your eyes and enjoy. Thank you, Bob Dylan, for writing such an amazing song, one of so many for Jerry to practically make his own... or at least lovingly borrow a time or 250. (Ugh, at about 9 minutes there's a tape flip during John Kahn's long, quiet bass solo but it was about that time the crowd noise really started picking up... soon enough back to more Jerry.)

Deal to end the 1st Set is... just purely rockin'. Ain't gotta say no more. You can tell through your headphones or through your speakers what a great time the band is having. Again, just close your eyes and picture it. Man.... bliss at 412 Broadway in San Francisco... absolutely!

Set 2 gets rollin' along with perhaps everyone's favorite sing-a-long song, How Sweet It Is. Sweet it definitely is. The crowd's a little loud here but can ya blame 'em for havin' fun?!

I always get kind of a kick out of hearing Jerry do
Masterpiece. I'm so used to it with Bobby singing it but Jerry actually had in his repertoire for a short time in the early 70's and then again from 80 until 87. It might be the only tune that Jerry did for awhile while at the same time Bobby sang it with the GD (in 1987.)

Nothin' but a smile from me through Run For The Roses and Gomorrah leading up to what seems to always be the crowd favorite of the night when it's been played in later years -- Reuben & Cherise. What is it about this song?!? Talk about nothin' but a smile! I wonder... I wonder wonder wonder if this might be the ultimate spinning song. I never was a spinner but I can imagine it well.
And on this night at The Stone I'm sure a few spun to their heart's delight to this beautifully crafted version. Not a complaint in the house, I'm sure!

To finish off this sorta brief hour and almost 20 minutes of music is another speed-of-sound Midnight Moonlight. Jerry's playing is so right on here as it has been in every song.

There are a lotta Jerry soundboards out there that I'll likely never get to... but because there are so many more shows with an Audience-only source available, a few of those are definitely stellar or at least very worthwhile recordings... and this is one of 'em!

While this might be an Audience source, at times each instrument comes through as clear as a bell as if this was a soundboard. Thank God for small clubs with great acoustics and a taper in just the right spot!

Master Audience Cassette (Nak 700's>Sony TC-D5M) > DAT > CD

taped by: John Corley ... hey, thanks, John!
3-2-85 aka 03-02-85 aka 3/2/85 aka 03/02/85 aka 85-03-02
MINI CATS UNDER THE STARS - Jerry Garcia, of course, John Kahn on bass, Melvin Seals on keyboards, David Kemper on drums, Jaclyn LaBranch and DeeDee Dickerson on backing vocals.  Tunes by Bob Dylan and Robert Hunter.  But this ain't the Grateful Dead. Download It Right Here MINI CATS UNDER THE STARS



Sugarmag said...

Hey Chris, Thank you for this. This morning I woke up before my kids, and I read this post while I drank my coffee. Then I listened to JGB while I made breakfast and packed a lunch, so we had breakfast with Jerry at my house, too. This is turning into my favorite blog. Thank you!

Zooomabooma said...

I'm glad I thought of putting the Sugar Megs link up, Sugar Mag... you're welcome and so's everyone who's downloaded the mp3's.

Always nice to share some Jerry!


Lucab12 said...

Thanks, but this one is also dead.

Zoooma!! said...

Thanks for letting me know! I will work on it and I'll post a comment when it's fixed! Anymore you find, let me know! I can't promise immediacy but I look forward to fixing any dead (no pun intended) links for people! :)

Zoooma said...

It's nice to get a smile from an old comment of yours, Sugarmag, even a comment like this posted 1 year and 2 months and 3 weeks ago :) I'm glad you enjoyed listening to Jerry that morning.

Lucab12 -- if you're getting this in your email box, the show's finally been Re-upped.

To anyone else who happens to download from here on out -- Enjoy the Jerry.

one says one number and the other another
but they were set at the same time. Hmmm...

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