Sunday, August 12, 2007

Pain Canadian Style

A little Sunday night listening. This Canadian has a really good song on the soundtrack for The Crow, eh. It's because of that song I decided to try out her other music...

Jane Siberry

self-titled debut album


Marco Polo
This Girl I Know
The Sky Is So Blue
The Mystery At Ogwen's Farm
The Magic Beads
Writers Are A Funny Breed
The Strange Well
Above The Treeline
In The Bluelight

Absolutely completely unbelievably did not like this album. Worst all year in my opinion. Obviously some people enjoy it but the lyrics are so strange and it's just goofy. I think that's what ruined it. Not even gonna go into how they're lame but they are. The sound is artsy-folksy with hints of new wave. It had potential but fell way short. Seriously, I pondered pondered pondered what I might rather listen to and I came up with Paris Hilton! Also I thought how easily it would be to end my life with this music. Take me hostage and force me to listen to it over and over. I'd do anything to commit suicide... in any way possible! I'd bang my head against the wall or even strangle myself to keep from hearing this. Want to do worse to me? Lock me in a padded room with the inside of the door padded and the floor too. Put me in a straitjacket and keep playing this on a loop. I'd try to die by holding my breath but if that didn't work I'd just go insane. Never've I had a true desire to end this life of mine but if I had to hear this album again, I probably would.

192 kbps (LP rip?) ---> over here

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Sam said...

Yikes. Thanks for the heads up, or is it heads down in this case?

one says one number and the other another
but they were set at the same time. Hmmm...

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