Thursday, August 30, 2007

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The Thursday Threesome

::Over the Rainbow::

Onesome: "Over-- the Rainbow" Has someone 'Somewhere' done the song better than Judy Garland did in the movie? ...or does she still 'own' it in your opinion?
Judy Garland does it just fine in the movie...
but outside of the movie men are not supposed to listen to Judy Garland.

For a listen, all of these all have done the song just fine and dandy:
Tori Amos, Victoria Williams, Eric Clapton, Willie Nelson,
Faith Hill, Martina McBride,
Papa John Creach, David Grisman,
Maceo Parker, Frank Sinatra, Rob Wasserman

Twosome: the-- best all time album in your collection? ...or one you'd like to have? Sure, the Go-Gos count, but hey...
I absolutely hate naming favorites or what's the "best" of anything especially music and movies. There is no best because best is subjective. But for the sake of playing along I'll say U2's The Joshua Tree is a great (non GD-related) album that I own. I don't physically own many albums but The Joshua Tree is a Can't Leave Home Without When Going On A Long Roadtrip CD.

Threesome: Rainbow"?--
As sung by Billy Ray Cyrus? (Yes, on his latest album.) Who has done the best "cover" of a song you like to listen to? You know, better than the original artist...
Any non-Grateful Dead written tune that they've done is better than the original whether it's Dylan or The Beatles. Methinks so. And that, for the most part, carried over to Ratdog and Phil & Friends, as well.

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