Thursday, August 23, 2007

Beautiful Time On The Trail Tonight!

2nd Rehab Hike

A little more time out there tonight: 1 hour & 32 minutes

Didn't get back until nearly 10:15 p.m. Still enough light in the northern sky to see the terrain underfoot. Slighly cool bordering on warm, about 66°F (19°C) when I left. Gulped down Gatorade before leaving and gulped more the second I got back but again I took no water -- I like pushing myself a little. Had it been 85 or higher, yeah, water would be needed but for 90 minutes at this temp, no big whoop.

Went a little further tonight before turning around. Much aching in both calves. I do believe there was more aching in my calves than from the tibia fracture.

Unfortunately I have no confidence to run yet because of lingering minor pain but I'm itching to. Originally I figured on two weeks. We'll see. The blister hot spots from my 1st hike got way red and huge this time. Oww. Hurts worse than any aching and worse than my tibia. Am so looking forward to my feet being used to my heavy boots again. All in good time a blister'll be a rare thing again. Won't have beautifully smooth gorgeous looking feet but I'll be able to enjoy blister-free hiking!

Bottomline -- just awesome to be out there! Such a short little hike but tonight and my hike a couple days ago, combined for just over 3 hours, is more time on the trail than I've had in just about 10 freakin' weeks! Crickey! So, this is most definitely a good thing.

Sarah McLachlan


1988, debut

Out Of The Shadows
Strange World
Sad Clown
Uphill Battle
Ben's Song
Vox (Extended Version)

Back in 1994 I remember first hearing Sarah McLachlan for the first time. When her single, Possession, became a hit outside of Canada, eh, that's when most people heard her for first time. I loved that song and it eventually got me to buy the CD it's on, Fumbling Towards Ecstasy, which I owned for awhile, back before the days of selling off my collection for money surely to be used for nefarious purposes. Pretty cool album as I recall. Several years before that, this Halifax, Nova Scotia native, relocated to Vancouver, started her rise to national prominence in Canada with this debut album.

At only 19 years old at the time, she doesn't quite have the intensity in her voice that she would have later on. The sound overall is quite varied from almost Celtic-ish in Touch, quirky and uneven in some songs, beautifully flowing in Ben Ben's Song, to a little darker and with a more alternative feel. There's a feeling almost of bubblegum pop in one song, Vox, which almost makes me dismiss the whole work as not worth listening to. Thankfully that's just one song and that pukey poppiness sound isn't prevalent throughout.

This isn't a stellar debut by any means. Only 1 or 2 songs really have a great sound to them, methinks. I'm glad I listened to it but not so sure I ever will again.

192 kbps dload located over yonder --> here abouts

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