Saturday, August 11, 2007

Buy Me Some Peanuts & Cracker Jack, Jerry

"The Magnificent Seven from San Francisco, The Grateful Dead"

9-27-69 Fillmore East
New York City

Morning Dew, Mama Tried,
Next Time You See Me
, Casey Jones,
China Cat Sunflower High Time
Dire Wolf, Me & My Uncle
(Take Me Out To The Ballgame tuning)

[end of partial audience recording;
thought to be the early show]

Not much to be said about this show. No one even knows the whole setlist from either the early or late shows. It's quite possible that this audience recording is all that exists from this night. As far as sound quality it's not too bad: perhaps a C+ but for the era it's a sweet A-!

Morning Dew kicking off the night is spectacular! Mmm! Unfortunately most of the in-between song banter is chopped out. In this period of time it had a habit of being lively night after night. After Dew there was some going on between Jerry and someone in the crowd but except for just a few seconds, someone had an itchy Pause finger and most everything in this show got excised. Oh well.

The rest of the show motors along rather quickly and is accentuated by such a sweet China Cat Sunflower that melds its way near perfectly into a near perfect High Time. Mmmm! And with the New York Mets in the playoffs that fall (eventually going on to win the World Series!) the Take Me Out To The Ballgame tuning got some nice applause.

All in all a nifty (for want of using a word I can't recall ever typing before) little 46 minute recording.

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