Thursday, August 30, 2007

once again -- close...

Zero Day, Zero Day. Zero Day.

Nada. Zip. ZILCH!

Life is grand. Yeah, so swell.

· Yesterday -- another day without going out on the trail.

· Today -- another day without going out on the trail.

So not ready to start running yet. And no hike.

Two more bloody days I'm sidelined.

Two more dang days on top of the 17 trillion sidelined days already this year. Yippie-Ki-Ay. Makes me oh so joyful to know I'm sittin' around allowing my health to deteriorate by not getting any significant exercise whatso-freakin'-ever. I should just go the doctor's office and ask them to give me diabetes right now, just get it over with. Because of this stoopid tibia fracture I've got 16 extra pounds to lose, 16 pounds gained from not being able to hike and run. My cholesterol's more than likely gone up. My cardiovascular system has fallen into a near state of disrepair, it seems... I might as well be smoking again. This is all depressing as hell. I'm not about to go Owen Wilson myself... it basically only sucks when I dwell on it like oh, right now whilst I ramble away, ramble, ramble, ramble because if I hit the trail I'll just freakin' do damage again and be set back even more than I have been.

So, I spend MORE time allowing this darn bone to heal, more time like so many other average Americans sitting on their ass getting unhealthy.

More Zilchness. Yay.

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