Thursday, August 16, 2007

meme o' the day... or the morning, I guess

I've totally gotta go to sleep but I guess I'll get this done first. Sometimes working odd hours means I don't live the 8 to 5 life so being awake at 3 a.m. sometimes is pretty cool.

The Thursday Threesome

::Going out to Dinner::

Onesome: Going out-- means what? Deal with this and plan that and...? ...or can you just leave and hit it ... where? Hmmm... Where is "out" for you?
Out for food? I don't go out to eat much anymore. I seriously try to avoid it.
A) If I'm gonna go out it most definitely ain't gonna be to some health food place... not that there's anything wrong with joints like that and besides, not many of those actually exist anyway, at least not here in Fairbanks. Going out I'd only wanna feast on stuff that would be somewhat or completely unhealthy... you know, seriously delicious Good Eats... BAMM!! But the thing is I try to give a darn about my health and caring and doing should go hand in hand. It's great to care about your health but if you just care and don't do, well, happy early death!
B) Maybe stoopider than eating unhealthy food is wasting money on something completely not needed. No one truly needs to go out to eat a meal. No excuse on Earth can cover that. Cooking/preparing an acceptable, modest and healthy meal at home will cost significantly less than a meal out unless it's some Egg Mc-freakin-muffin for 99 cents which I wouldn't touch with a billion foot pole. Might be cheap but it's certainly not healthy!
My goal in life is not to thoroughly selfishly enjoy myself in as many luxurious ways as possible, like going out to eat. Spending excess money on that which I do not need is not right when that money should be better used to help others who have nothing.

Twosome: " the dogs?" Is that just a strange expression? ...or do you 'get' it? What's the most curious expression you've heard or you use and others don't 'get'?
Due to contractual obligations between myself and Major League Baseball, I cannot answer this. So kiss my shiny metal ass. What the deuce? Giggity giggity giggity! Don't have a cow, man.

Threesome: Dinner-- bells and chuck wagon triangles: what sound means food to you? Okay, okay, sure, the ice cream truck counts !
I do not believe any sound means food to me. Maybe when my timer goes ding signifying something in the oven's done cookin' and I'm ready to plate it all up. The smell of something freshly cooked is what usually means food to me, not a sound. OHH, but wait, maybe the sound of my .308 Winchester as I fire a round into a caribou... that has never been for fun, just for food. I guess also the sound of the fan in my smoker which means smoked salmon! Mmmmmmm... smooooked saalmon [droooooooool]

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Kwizgiver said...

Your whole post made me chuckle.


Ok, so when it's 3 am your time... what is it East coast time? and yeah, I could go look it up but you've no doubt already got the answer...


one says one number and the other another
but they were set at the same time. Hmmm...

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