Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Callin' all you hippies and outlaws..

Tunes for a Tuesday afternoon. I actually listened last night, but am listening again for a second time as I type this. Was in the mood for a little country. I guess I'm a little like the Osmonds, huh, a little bit country, a little bit rock n roll? Definitely more rock. I was gonna say I'm not even sure how I got into country bein' from Jersey, yo... but I know exactly and that's through my damn friend Dave, curse him, the bugger. Ha ha, just joshin' ya, dude. But damn you and your friggin' experimentin' with the sounds of Garth Brooks out in Utah. Damn me for Pressin' Play on that myself. Bein' in Salt Lake City ain't exactly Austin or Oklahoma; certainly don't mean one's gotta listen to country. Oi. In any case, I got a taste of it and subsequent living in Montana didn't exactly help revert back to rock, punk, and alternative roots. So here and there, now and again, I do a little sampling of the stuff... it ain't all about My Truck's Broke Down and My Girl Left Me, She Shot My Horse and Took My Dog, Now I'm Cryin' In My Beer. Nuh uh. A lot of it's good fun stuff! Ride 'em, Cowboy!! Yee hawww!!!!!

Little Texas

Missing Years - 2007

+ bonus disc

Gotta Get Me Down Home
Missing Years
A Reason
Party Life
Texas 101
So Long
When He's Gone
You Ain't Seen Me Lonely
Your Blues
Your Woman

Bonus Disc-Live Tracks
God Blessed Texas
What Might Have Been
Life Goes On
Hello Again

Originally primarily a creation of Tim Rushlow after he moved to NashVegas from Arlington, Texas, Little Texas is back with a new studio album, their first in quite awhile, so I read. They're a little different now that lead singer Rushlow's no longer with the band. How do they compare to the Little Texas of the 90's? Beats me, I've never heard 'em before. What I do hear is a mix of sentimental ballads as well as purely rockin' country numbers and rowdy, fun, outlaw party songs. It all mostly sounds like it was written for radio which isn't usually a good thing in my opinion. I'd rather listen to the country stuff that someone records just for the darn heck of playin' music, without any concern at all about potential radio play. Not sure how much airtime they've gotten since its release a couple months ago. This is good music but it's not masterful songwriting and after such a long layoff since their last studio album several years ago, I'm not so sure they're quite as high on the popularity scale as say Kenny Chesney or Montgomery Gentry, both of whom you can really hear as influences in this.

Two songs of particular interest to me: Rebel, a total outlaw number which would be pleasing to the likes of Hank Jr, kicks off with the lines:
"Callin' all you hippies and outlaws, callin' all you suits and ties. Callin' all you primadonnas, you got a little wild child trapped inside." Alright, giving it a 3rd listen, it's a little Walker Texas Ranger with no eloquence whatsoever but hey, it's a fun song so bite me.

Another particularly unique song, Texas 101, has these lines:
"Bob Wills, ZZ Top and Jerry Jeff and Janis Joplin, hear that Lone Star soul in their songs."
and it goes on: "if you kill someone you're gonna fry, on Willie's bus you're gettin' high. That's your lesson in Texas 101." Haa! Can't forget: "We got George Bush and Dixie Chicks. Yes, oil and water just don't mix." Haaa! Ya gotta love it!

Harmless fun, good times, mellow and rockin', I'd even listen again someday and I might just end up checkin' out their past stuff too.

192 kbps dload through this link right about -> here

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