Sunday, September 30, 2007

Tag, I'm It

Alright, I've been tagged by the splendidly loud and loquacious yet rose-smelling (so she claims) Erica from
Erica's Blog. She's discovered I dig music and I bet we could enjoy a beer or two together while groovin' on all sorts of cool tunes... so I will oblige and dive in to attempt the task of filling this out. I know it's gonna be friggin' impossible but methinks I might be able to have some fun with it. Me likey music mucho but these q's actually aren't easy for me to definitively answer. Let's see what happens, k?

What music are you currently grooving to?

(I started this yesterday just before noon...) Right now? At this very moment? The sweet sounds of the washing machine. Whirrrr whirrrr whirrrr whirrrr. That'll be playin' for awhile but in a few minutes from when I'm typin' this, the Cubs game'll be on with Len and Bob at the mic. The Cubbies've already clinched their division but no other game is on. I'm prolly gonna go for a run this afternoon, might Press Play on some country today. My musical tastes are crazily (almost) all over the place. Mostly I groove on the good ol' Grateful Dead and pretty much anything immediately related i.e. Phil Lesh & Friends, Ratdoggie dog, other Bob Weir stuff, some Hornsby, Mickey, of course Jerry Garcia Band plus other projects he's done... and a bunch more. There's really no other specific band that I'm lovin' or spinnin' often... 'cept maybe Vedder's Into The Wild soundtrack lately. I almost can't get enough of that! I'm not the hugest Pearl Jam fan, but this new material from Mr. Seattle is pretty cool stuff!! (I didn't actually think that in an exclamatory kind of way, but I'm addicted to exclamation marks. Sue me.)

What, if push comes to shove, is your all-time favourite album?

What's with the "ou" in favorite? Whoever originally wrote this must hate America.* I need to re-state that question in proper American:

What, if push comes to shove, is your all-time favOrite album?

Now that's more like it. One album? 1 as in 1? As in less than 2 and more than 0? Get out of town, Jack, seriously? Hands down -- Osama bin Laden and His Sexy Taliban Lesbian Bikini Honeys Live at CBGB's Tel Aviv is pretty good... actually it's good because bin Laden sucks so badly that it's fun to laugh at and make fun of. He probably listens to 'N Sync's Greatest Hits. OH, or Michael's Jackson's Thriller. (Isn't The Gloved One such a great role model!) They'd make a great duo, no wait, the Osama Trio with Michael Jackson & Lance Bass with special guests Melissa Etheridge & Elton John.

A real answer you want? See, there is no any easy answer spilling forth from brain to fingers to keyboard to screen. I'm not a Favorites/Best Of list person. What's that? If I had a gun to my head name one or else I'll be worm food? Studio album or can it be a box set? Two or 3-cd live show? Okay, I'll just stick with studio albums...

Grateful Dead: American Beauty.
Non-dead? U2's The Joshua Tree it seems I can never get tired of, great from first note to last.

What was the first record you ever bought? And where did you buy it?

I can't remember what I had for lunch yesterday. Whatever my first LP was, I'm sure I bought it at Sam Goody's in the Preakness Shopping Center in Wayne, New Jersey. A few firsts of mine way back when, but not in order:
The Police: Ghost In The Machine
Foreigner: Four
Yes: 90215
Van Halen: Diver Down
Rush: Moving Pictures

Which musician have you ever wanted to be?

Kenny G.

What do you sing in the shower?

Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head.

What is your favourite Saturday night record?

Wait a minute, this is a socialist sponsored meme 'cause there's that pesky "ou" again. Well, in any case, how's this for an answer...
Bob Weir: Ace. (It has the song
One More Saturday Night on it.)

And your Sunday morning record?

Sunday is the Lord's Day so obviously anything by Megadeath. Or maybe Slayer. Ha, I kid Jesus. He's a good guy, we're pretty tight... so I kid the Savior. He knows it.... right, big guy??? Sunday morning? Who actually has a "favorite Saturday night record" and the same for Sunday morning? "Hey, it's Saturday night, time to play my favorite Saturday night record." Uhhh??? How many people even have records anymore? I sure don't. I've got albums, they're on CD or mp3, but sorry, no vinyl... except for my playtime clothes but that's between me and Mistress Nightwitch. You can find us in Tomkins Square Park each Tuesday and Thursday night between 2 and 4 a.m. ... bark 4 times and meow once and we'll know you'd like to join in. Whoops, definitely not Sunday morning material! But hmmm... Sunday morning.... really any morning deserves something really freakin' LOUD to shake the windows and wake up the neighbors, or the moose and bear if you're in Alaska. LOUD, I say, like... well, Kenny G! or maybe Van Halen. Either one.

* I don't truly believe the non-American who wrote this really hates America... I have good reason to assume it, but I don't really go around assuming that about everybody not from here. We are the Great Satan, Ahmadinejad says, so maybe we are to be hated?

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Erica said...

We could definitely enjoy a beer or two...I'm downtown with a trip to of those places I need to go to before I die. It looks so clean and invigorating.

Oh, and the "favourite" was courtesy of a very pro-American Scot, Groanin' Jock [AKA Mark #1], who is good peeps.

Keep your fingers crossed for the Metsies...I sure am.

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