Saturday, September 8, 2007

On The Trail & In The Garden

Rehab Hike -- Take 2

Trail Time -- 1 hour & 14 minutes

Humuhna! humuhna! humuhna! what a GREAT day to be alive!

Back out on the trail! I tried this a little over a week ago? Probably more like close to two weeks ago? (I forget and I'm not gonna check.) Whenever it was, it was too soon. My leg hurt for days afterwards when I thought I was okily dokily to be back hiking. Nope.

Well, the past week in general, and especially especially especially the past two days -- my leg has been FANTASTIC i.e. normal. So I headed out earlier tonight, right before dusk, hit the trail in my hiking boots, long sleeve hiking shirt, music in my ears, saw one moose, felt awesome! A couple days ago or so, I answered a question: "What gives you joy daily?" I shoulda said -- being outside on a hiking trail. It just didn't occur to me 'cause that's not been a part of my life, for the most part, over like the past 100 freakin' days. This stoopid broken leg has taken forever and an extra half a life, it seems, to heal. Finally -- it's healed, it's gotta be! Bein' out there was heaven on a stick, Mick. My total time wasn't very long, some people in America somewhere today walked around a mall for longer than I was on the trail but they were in a mall (so wrong!) and I was out hiking! HAA!!!

Now here I am hours later. Noticeable pain on the trail: NONE! Any noticeable pain since? NONE!! Ya know what, it took soooooo long, my summer hiking was obliterated, I gained 20 pounds without any significant exercise to speak of... but I would say that this time it's true -- I'm back, baby!

And almost ready to start running, I think. Holy cow, I'm not gonna just be Pressing Play on any old tunes, I've gotta start doing running Play Lists. Okay. Haven't worked on those in over three months? No worries. Least of my worries, actually. I believe I'm ready. I wanted to run today, at least for a few minutes. I'm definitely gonna work my way all the way up from like a mere 5 minutes, back to 20 minutes and beyond. Adding a minute each time out will take a while but I've gotta make sure the tibia is strong. To reinjure that fracture would be hell. So it'll be a slow progression but I'm stoked! My even have my first run by the end of this week coming up!

Tunes on the trail...


In The Garden

1981 debut album

(2005 remastered reissue)

English Summer
Take Me To Your Heart
She's Invisible Now
Your Time Will Come
Caveman Head
Never Gonna Cry Again
All The Young (People Of Today)
Le Sinestre [B-side]
Heartbeat Heartbeat [B-side]
Never Gonna Cry Again [live]
4/4 In Leather [live]
Take Me To Your Heart [live]

Over the years, going alllll the way back to the early days of MTV (back when it was actually cool and relevant, back before they essentially killed the music video,) I've been a fan of this duo hailing from London. "Sweet Dreams are made of this" -- great stuff! But only a handful of songs from them I have really known through the years. Of course, these days that's not stopping me from delving into the past of an artist I've heard of and liked a song or two from. And like so many, I dig startin' way back with a debut album. Sometimes they're great, really cool tunes, sometimes even the best songs a band ever produces! Not the case here. Apparently this album was, for all intents and purposes, a flop. No wonder it wasn't until the album after this one when I first heard of these guys. No video play from this album and nothing moved up the charts enough for mainstream radio to play... not that I would've heard anything from them in America in 1981 on WNEW back in NY/NJ, not at such a young age. Listening to it now I can see why it didn't catch on. There's just nothing really catchy. One thing can be said for sure and that's Annie Lennox & Dave Stewart didn't stick to conventional music making. Their new wave sound is almost bordering on psychedelic and avant-garde at times. Once or twice I did get thoughts of Devo, Duran Duran, the Psych Furs and The Pretenders... but really this doesn't strongly compare to anything except early Eurythmics. I didn't love it but I didn't hate it either. Overall this ain't bad but someday I'll look forward to Pressin' Play on their stronger stuff while leavin' this behind.

192 kbps dload @ Zona Musical

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