Saturday, September 22, 2007

my PhotoHunt debut

Not having a digital camera, and not having that many
photographs from through the years, pickins are slim
and this is the best I could find for this week's theme.
Mayhaps one of these days
I'll git me one of dem fancy electronic picture takin' machines
and I'll be able to post some better shots.
But for now, here's my
grand debut for this Saturday's PhotoHunt.

theme: Paper

(click for larger, if you wish)

My 1967 VW bus. Shortly after I bought it in Naperville, Illinois (a suburb of Chicago,) here it is in my garage up in Fox Lake, Illinois where I was livin' at the time. There was some rust that I wanted to clean up and some dings I wanted to un-ding. Over that work would go some new paint. This shot here is, I think, the first primer coat. Taped newspaper on the windows so they wouldn't get any paint on them. That would be bad.

Even after this somewhat minor fixup, she wasn't... was it a she? ... it wasn't mint or near-mint by any stretch of the imagination... but what a bus! After a new engine and a new transmission, I criss-crossed America many times in that baby. Many shows and many campgrounds and many, many miles. It got me stranded only once, in Bakersfield, Cali after I broke down 98 miles away in the tiny crossroads of a town, Four Corners, out in the Mohave Desert. It was a Westfalia so it had cabinets in the back and a pull-out bed. No pop-top so it only slept two. Man, I miss it. Years ago I had to sell it. Needed money at the time. But for a good long while it was such a great thing to travel in. Well, mostly great... soooo cold in the winter, had to wear a down jacket and gloves and sometimes even a blanket across my lap. But it was so cool. Today I have a '73 Westy but I'd love once again to have a '67! Maybe someday I'll get another.


Carver said...

That's a good first photohunt photograph and post. I hope you enjoy photohunt as much as I do. I'm already hooked after about a month.

Teena said...

Ha! Good way to use papers!

Mine's up too :)

crazy working mom said...

Very interesting photo.
Have a great weekend.

Mike Goad said...

Cool take on the theme.

Hope you're having a great weekend.

Wilson said...

Great photos you got here.. Check also mine here...

Have a nice day!...c",)

Queen Of My Domain said...

Welcome to the Hunt. My poor husband sold his beloved bus just before we married and has regretted it ever since. It's definetely a "bus" thing.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to photo hunters. Great photo for your first entry. Newspapers come in handy! Have a good weekend. My photo is up, please stop by.

Angela said...

Welcome to photo hunt. We have lots of fun I hope that you will enjoy it!

Great take on our theme this week. Come visit me:

Mark said...

Give me a '66 Chevelle with a big block and four on the floor anyday.

PowersTwinB said...

Hi! welcome to Photo Hunt! I think your first photo hit the jackpot!!! You did a great job with it! I have to go tell my sis to come look at your site, she is fairly new to Photo Hunters too, and she is really enjoying it! Come visit my site and perhaps even my sister's, KissedAlotAtoads

Paulie said...

Interesting tie in to this week's theme. Welcome to the hunt. Come and see mine.

-TNChick- said...

That's perfect for the Paper Theme! Thanks for playing!

one says one number and the other another
but they were set at the same time. Hmmm...

Calvin and Hobbes in the snow -- animated