Sunday, September 23, 2007

"Stay gold, Ponyboy. Stay gold."

I'm not sure what happened yesterday -- no listening to music. It's not that odd. Like 27 times I saw my mp3 player sittin' there, loaded up and ready to go... but I was too busy around town, busy sleepin', busy watchin' some baseball, busy not watching little girls play their horrible college football, busy for awhile on the internet, busy cookin' some dinner, busy wondering why I was putting off going for a hike, busy with my plans to take over not only the world but the entire universe as well, busy with this, busy with that. Oi vay.

And yesterday morning at dawn: 25°F (-4°C) !!!

Just perfect, excellent, deliciously frosty and cold!
Freakin' sweet!
I almost slept right through it
which would have been a tragedy, yes, a tragedy indeed.

The day that Fall started...
and the temperature never got above 45°F (22°C.) That's just heaven to me. Well, a slice of heaven on Earth, more appropriately. No snow yet. Maybe by October 1st. Moose Mountain won't open until at least Thanksgiving for skiing or snowboarding, not that I regularly waste money by going and doing either, but with the snow, dog sledders and nordic skiers can start going wheel-less, instead utilizing the white stuff on the ground.

And now at this very early hour of the morning, it's almost down to Freezing. Almost there. And here I am, quite tired, probably needing sleep... but I'm not missing dawn again today just in case it dips into the 20's. Hmmm... perhaps a hike at dawn on the first full day of Fall with a sub-freezing temperature? We shall see. But for now.... [drum roll, please] .....

Unconscious Mutterings

a free association game -- I say ... and you think ... ?

1. Singles :: movie, directed by... that dude... his name is? Ahh, i forget, I could look it up, tis on the tip o' me tongue, I tell ya, but anyway, the movie stars my one time favorite actress, Bridget Fonda... and the film has a GREAT soundtrack!

2. Blaze
:: Starr, a movie was made about her, with the great Paul Newman playing a Louisiana politician.

3. Sandwich
:: Muffuletta, my dad's favorite from when he lived in New Orleans. Stop on by Central Grocery on Decatur and try one! Now. Go.

4. Outside
:: Outsiders, yet another movie, based on some book, and yet another movie with Matt Dillon, like Singles above. But this one doesn't have Pearl Jam in it. Cruise, Estevez, Lowe, Swayze, Macchio, Tom Waits, Diane Lane, and of course, this guy should be everyone's favorite, duh... Leif Garrett!

5. Gooey ::
sticky but sticky isn't always gooey. Cookie dough can be gooey. Cookie dough... mmmmm, cooook-kie dough [drooooooooool]

6. Industry
:: film. Hmmm, i wonder why that comes to mind?!

7. Exclusive ::
membership. Ooooo, people will envy you. Oooooo, I'm so impressed.

8. Warranty ::
I've never purchased one. Then again, I don't often go buying stuff that has a warranty offered. Yawn.

9. Magical ::
so easy -- Disney World. Like, duh.

10. Heels ::
high. Unconscious Mutterings


Kwizgiver said...

Oooh, great temps. I think the high was in the 60s here, yesterday. That's my kind of weather.

Recently, I replayed the Singles soundtrack (while correcting papers). Loved that soundtrack, enjoyed the movie.

Mmmm...gooey cookies.

Happy weekend!!

boliyou said...

Cookie dough...mmm...
I see we had gender-specific answers to the "high" prompt.

frenchkys said...

Singles movie, I can't believe I didn't think about that!

Princess Yaffa said...

Mmm. Cookie dough. Better than the baked cookie, in my opinion.

Last time I checked (don't ask when that was), I had two feet. It helps for dancing! ;)

Vanilla rules forever!!!!!!!!

Gracie said...

Love that you chose Blaze: Starr and Singles: the movie (and thanks for the link to the soundtrack - I expect to spend hours rummaging through that site).

The Outsiders - great response (and Tom Waits - Hang On, St. Christopher)

Sam said...

AHHH, Singles. Guess what's going in my car for the commute-listening?

BookGal said...

Can't believe I didn't think of Disney? I practically live in the land of the Mouse.

Teena said...

Where the heck do you live that it's THAT cold at dawn???!!!!

one says one number and the other another
but they were set at the same time. Hmmm...

Calvin and Hobbes in the snow -- animated