Thursday, September 6, 2007


What sweet relief in my ear last night when it became unclogged.

Sleep -> Wake Up -> Clogged.

Tried the baking soda & water dealie, twice. No luck.

This is BAD. Mildly panicking once again.

Absolutely cannot listen to music = VERY BAD.

I do not like being hearing impaired.

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ultravox said...

Ear Wax--I get it too, and I have to go to Wal-Greens or some place like Wal-Mart and they sell an over the counter type ear cleaning system. Some might be better than others, but I bought the, Ear Drops by Murine. I usually do this after a shower (as I think the steam helps start to get the wax soft). Then I tip my head over and let about 10 or so drops into the ear. You should hear it start to bubble up in the eye, and I lay down in bed on my side and let it work away. After a bit I'll get up and use the squeeze dropper filled with warm (not hot) water, and I'll jet that up in my ear. After several tries I usually am met with sucess. I've heard of worse cases where one has to go to the doc, but generally you can do it at home. Good luck. Yep, it's a drag, I know.

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