Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Earwax. Unless there are some freaks in society who don't have the properly formed gene that makes the body produce earwax, we've all got it.

So, I'm doin' a routine cleanin', no big whoop, using a q-tip dealie.

And then next thing ya know my hearing's mostly gone from my left ear.

It's like I pushed wax deeper in to clog the ear canal? Yeah, probably.

I've never had this happen before for this long of a period of time (about 4 hours now.)

I'm impatient and not being able to properly listen to music is really freakin' me out.

Now I'm reading about never inserting a q-tip into the ear canal. Oh great, so I may have made it worse.

In another window I'm reading about solutions to this... I've got a feeling it'll be all clear within a day or two at the most. Last thing I wanna do is go to a rip off artist a.k.a. a doctor to fix this.

Might be an easy solution but then again, I was q-tipping so far in there, I swear I was hittin' brain so this could be a problem.

Mostly -- I'm worried that I can't listen to music tonight! Or watch a movie. This bites.

UPDATE 11:47 p.m. -- I love thinking the worst 'cause when it's not the worst, there's a nice feeling of relief. Seems I mildly panicked for hours over nothing. Tried baking soda & water, two times and all clear!

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