Thursday, September 6, 2007

Mystery, Bus, & Games With Balls

The Thursday Threesome

::The T-3::

Onesome: The--
best things in life are free? What's your favorite freebie? I'm thinking of some annual event you partake in...

There's an annual event I partake in? I did not know that. Maybe it's something that occurs once a year and when I'm partaking I'm blacked out or under the control of someone so I don't remember? That doesn't seem possible but that statement above, that last one without a question mark, I mean that says there's something I partake in but I just don't know what the heck it is.

Twosome: T---buckets, Model T's, maybe even Thunderbirds? Do you have any ties to classic cars or modified roadsters?

No modified roadsters but I did have a 67 VW bus (see last Sunday's Unconscious Mutterings for 2 pics) which is, I think, now a classic... just wish I still had it. Oh well. Might get another someday, it's often on my mind. I love that split-window look!
Now I have a '73 VW bus, a Westfalia camper, which I don't think is old enough yet to be a classic but gettin' there. Just wish it was near-mint but nope but maybe someday I'll slowly put a few years of work into it to give it a shinier, nicer appearance. It's not rusted out and falling apart but it could be better.

Threesome: 3--
days until Sunday, but the NFL season begins tonight! Who's your team this year? Not a football fan? Post your rant on why not !

Da Bears!

Good to be a Bears fan!

This is now confusing -- yes, I am a football fan, not just an American football fan. Not a fanatic, don't do the fantasy league stuff or collect memorabilia or memorize stats but sure, me likes watching on Sunday and Monday night... but right now it's still BASEBALL season and the Mets are rolling towards post-season play and the World Series.

But I digress -- football:

Celtic F.C.!

Now this is REAL football, at least according to MOST of the ENTIRE world outside of the United States. Why on earth was football renamed soccer? Soccer should be football and American football should be soccer. Talk about things that make no sense. In any case, when I was in Scotland, I kind of adopted Celtic F.C. as my favorite football team. Sucks that the Scottish League isn't on TV here, only the English League but oh well. Got to watch Chelsea lose at Aston Villa earlier this morning.

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