Sunday, September 30, 2007


Yesterday evening was my first run since fracturing my tibia. Finally. I have been so apprehensive about it. To live this life without any fear is something I strive for. To run again is something that I may have been a little scared of. So easy it would have been to just not care and get fat, get diabetes, live an unhealthy existence like so many of my fellow Americans. That ain't right. Then again, if Democrats have their way, we'll move a step or two closer to becoming a Socialist nation and I won't have to worry about working to pay for my medical bills. Everyone who pays taxes will pay for me! YAYYYY!!!!

I'd rather not go down that path -- having others pay for my medical bills or even getting to a point where I would need to go to a doctor because I gave up doing anything seriously positive for my good health. So I run... or more accurately, I've started running again.

The few minutes between walkin' out the door and stepping foot on the trail, I was jacked up and ready to go right away. Felt really good. Felt right.

First I needed a short walk for a warm-up and then some stretching at a spot where I'd start my run. Two consecutive songs I had picked out that would help me along with a nice, slow pace... and off I was.

Total Trail Time: 51 minutes
Running Time: only 5 minutes & 38 seconds

Yeah, twas a very short run. It couldn't really be much longer than that because I had to start small to get a feel of how my tibia would feel the following day. And now that it is the following day: tibia feels fine.

Also had to start with a very short running time because of my lungs. They've gone through a seriously extended period of time without any strenuous use whatsoever. My cardiovascular system has fallen into a sad state of not-so-well-being. At around four minutes into my run, all I wanted was for it to be over! I did not quit. My legs felt fine. Feet, ankles, hips, head, everything felt fine... except for my lungs. They weren't burning on fire killing me... but I wasn't exactly loving life. When the second song came to an end and I pulled up and finished running, I had to stop in my tracks with hands on knees, taking some deep breaths, trying to get back to some sort of normal. Didn't happen anytime soon. I walked for a few minutes, turned around and hiked back all the while feeling GREAT that I just made that run, but not feeling so wonderful physically.

The good news is today I feel like I'm ready for a hike or even another run... but I'm gonna have a day of rest and then get back out there tomorrow.

Trail Tunes...

Mark Chesnutt

Heard It In A Love Song


Heard It In A Love Song
Dreaming My Dreams With You
That Good That Bad
A Hard Secret To Keep
A Day In The Life Of A Fool
You Can't Find Many Kissers
Apartment #9
A Shoulder To Cry On
Goodbye Comes Hard For Me
Lost Highway

Excellent country tunes. This is good stuff. There might only be one original here while the rest of the material is tunes that've done by others in the past. Beaumont, Texas native Mark Chesnutt puts forth a collection of tunes that feels like he's playin' in a honky tonk country bar far away from suburban sprawldivisions and starbucks. Each song is handled in such a fine Texas manner, crafted to sound not at all typical of what the 21st century Nashville country music industry churns out on a weekly basis. If Chesnutt ever decides to end his Nash-Vegas existence and become an independent Texas country singer, he'd do just fine.

256 kbps dload found @ DE's Variety

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Diana said...

MMmmmmmm... Mark Chestnut!!

one says one number and the other another
but they were set at the same time. Hmmm...

Calvin and Hobbes in the snow -- animated