Thursday, February 15, 2007

If you see Juanita down in Biloxi . . .

Without any real exercise yesterday, I was anxious today to get moving in the form of either a hike or a run (or both which is what happens when I go for a run when the weather's not too cold.) I simply do not like taking a day off. I thought I was going to be able to get out but no such luck. And then today I felt a little lower back pain. Not good. I tried to mask it as best as possible with Tylenol and hit the trail anyway.

Shortly into my run my attention was diverted completely off my back (no pain felt whatsoever) to my shins which almost felt as if they were on fire. So close. While I monitored that situation, I kept a smaller focus on my breathing which felt just fine and dandy. For once I hadn't entertained a single thought about how nice it would have been to stop running before achieving my goal time. No worries at all! Two songs worth of music just glided by! By the time my run came to its end I was feeling GREAT! Thank God for a beautiful day and the ability to get out there to get my body movin'!

time on trail: 53 minutes
temperature: way cold!!! About 12 (F)

running time -- 7 minutes, 28 seconds (+22 seconds from last time!)

la musica:

Jack Ingram -- Hey You

Feel Like I'm Falling In Love
Anymore Good Loving
Barbie Doll
Inna From Mexico
Talk About
Hey You
Work This Out
Mustang Burn
I Would

Mountains of the Moon -- Lore Constantine
& Box of Rain -- Mick Overman

Pretty darn nice album of music there from Jack Ingram. I sort of recall reading something about him being from Texas and his music as hillbilly country kinda rockabilly or something like that . . . but it wasn't at all. That's sort of too bad but still it was a nice blend of rockin' numbers and a little slower tunes. Would have been nice if the sound was a little less polished. Really felt that's what he was goin' for but in order to make a name for yourself with your debut album, producers want polished, super fan-friendly material. Seems like he met them a little more than half way on that. Overall, I'm glad I found out about this guy. Not bad stuff! Will most definitely listen again and look for new material from him in the future.

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