Saturday, February 10, 2007

That's-a Really Bad Spaghetti!

Roy Colt e Winchester Jack (1970)

starring: it doesn't really matter

My 19th movie watched in 2007. The worst so far. If I was a bettin' man I'd be willing to lay down a ton o' bucks that this will be the worst I watch all year.

This Italian produced (Spaghetti) Western was apparently filmed in English but dubbed into Italian for viewing in Italy. For us gringos it then had English subtitles. The director, Mario Bava, has done some interesting movies in Italy but there's no reason to watch this one. Every facet of the production is just horrible.

Throughout each year, I watch a lot of lame movies but few of those are such bombs that truly make me want 90 minutes of my life back. This was one of those. For some reason it's a shock that it happened so soon. Perhaps it's good that it happened so soon because most of the random stuff I choose to watch won't be nearly as terrible. [fingers crossed!]

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