Monday, February 12, 2007

Yay, Figure Skating

Ice Princess (2005)

starring: Michelle Trachtenberg, Hayden Panettiere, Kim Cattrall, Joan Cusack

Single adult male watches figure skating movie made primarily for 12 year old girls? Alright, stereotypes 1 & 2 (homosexual, pedophile) do not apply so the correct answer is C: just a fan of movies, usually regardless of the story or theme, etc, plus it was the only movie on the channels that was starting & ending during the time of the morning when I wanted to watch a movie.

Now that we're past that, I've gotta say this wasn't too bad (even though it was about figure skating. There's really nothing wrong with figure skating unless you're a man then really it's better to be rebuilding a carburetor or grilling steaks or watching football . . . or all three at the same time!) Anyway, Ice Princess is a decent movie, most certainly especially good for families and young girls (or families with young girls because boys just might go "blahhh.")

Right from the beginning I knew this would be just about as predictable as pie. Wherever they filmed this was quite a beautiful setting but Connecticut (where the movie is mainly supposed to take place) is almost never so wintery beautiful as it was portrayed here. Sometimes directors/cinematographers just have no clue. Also, including gay former figure skater brian boitano was a huge negative. Thankfully he wasn't shown until near the very end but there wasn't even a need for him. On the positive side there was some decent acting from the main characters not to mention some nice (and unexpected) relationships along the way. Sometimes a cool soundtrack helps a movie along and it did here.

What I really liked most was a message in the movie, a message to kids (or to anyone) saying -- follow your dreams!!! Despite what mommy might want for your life, follow
your dreams and chase down what YOU wanna do!!! God's chosen a path for you but you've gotta find it yourself, make your choices, have misery in and learn from your own mistakes, and rejoice in your own successes.

Overall I give this movie. It was actually alright. Would I ever watch it again? It's not high on that list but ya never know, someday I just might.

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