Sunday, February 18, 2007

500 Miles (but not for me!)

Yee-Hawwww, Race Day!!! Daytoner fy-hunderd. Go Casey Jones! Wait . . . that's supposed to be Kasey Kahne? Right, right, Casey Jones is the train engineer, right? And he has a monkey for a co-pilot. I think I want Richard Petty to win today. Or, no -- Danica Patrick! Yeah, she's hot, I want her to win. She's not in this race? Hmm, well, I guess she won't win then. I know, I know, Ricky Bobby . . . there we go, there's a racer. Either Ricky Bobby or perhaps Stroker Ace? Cole Trickle! Or maybe Cole's brother, Dick, Dick Trickle.

time on trail: about 65 minutes

running time -- 8 minutes, 28 seconds (+22 seconds jump up from yesterday)

music o' the day:

Kelly Willis -- just a mix of stuff

Easy (As Falling Apart)
Not What I Had In Mind
I Don't Want To Love You (But I Do)
You Can't Take It With You
Fading Fast
Heaven's Just A Sin Away
Baby Take A Piece Of My Heart
Whatever Way The Wind Blows
River Of Love
Hidden Things
I'll Try Again
Reason To Believe
Little Honey
Cradle Of Love
Friend Of The Devil -- Counting Crows
Ripple -- Jane's Addiction
Werewolves of London -- Adam Sandler

Just another great run! I think my actual time was just over 8½ minutes considering inbetween each of these songs there seems to be 2-3 seconds of gap time. I suppose in the long run (no pun intended) it doesn't make much of a difference.

Unfortunately I ran with a strained left hamstring and, while that gave me no trouble during my hike & run, it's noticeably (mildly) hurting since I got back. Might have to take a rest day tomorrow. If that's the case then that completely bites but perhaps it'll be for the best.

What I definitely won't give a rest to is Adam Sandler's cover of Werewolves of London. I probably prefer Jerry Garcia singing it but aside from Jerry, I probably prefer Sandler over Zevon any day. Very good version of that and the Counting Crows surprised me with their FOTD. Actually not bad!

Overall a great hour of music and an awesome run. I'll be hitting 10 minutes in no time!

Time to watch the end of the race.

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