Tuesday, February 20, 2007

to heal thy hammy

Spending another day (yesterday, George Washington's Birthday) without any significant physical activity was not very pleasant. My left hamstring had been feeling a bit strained so basically I wanted to try to heal up any exisiting problem and not have it become any worse.

On the 0 to 10 Scale -- 0 being no pain whatsoever, 9 being "Please just CUT MY LEG OFF!!!" and 10 being "JUST FRIGGIN' KILL ME AND END THIS PAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" -- the condition, at its worst, may have only reached a 5 or so with spiking to 6-ish. When I went out to buy a heating pad, I was mostly fine, maybe only a 2.5 or so . . . but I just didn't wanna go for another run or a two hour hike and possibly make it worse.

A lot of hours were spent just sitting and watching el stupido television. Feels like I got nothing productive done. Could have read. Didn't. Could have studied my Turkish or French or Russian. Nope. Shoulda listened to a sermon. Sorry, God. I suppose laughing at inane comedies was semi-productive, kinda, sorta. Laughing's good for the soul! Plus I healed my hamstring up. At least I believe I did, for the most part.

Woke up way too late today but on the ol' 0 to 10 Scale, I'm way, way down to maybe a 1 or less. Lookin' forward to a run later on just before dusk!

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