Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Romancing Roy

Well, I probably would have watched this movie eventually but isn't it appropriate that it's on this day? And what day is it? Today's the day for people who need greedy corporate America and the media to steer them to be romantic. And today is a day of pure selfishness, when people want for themselves while so many have nothing, while so many suffer, while so many die. Women want chocolate, flowers, jewelry, anything romantic that was paid for with money. I truly could go on and on and write thesis about this digusting and so very sad topic but this year I shall not. Perhaps next.
Anyway . . .

early morning movie:

Romance on the Range (1942)

starring: Roy Rogers

When it comes to movies, it doesn't get much better than old westerns. Roy Rogers has thankfully given us quite a few. While it may have a cheesy title, one shouldn't judge on title alone. Complete with bad guys, horses, and gunfights, just like so many westerns from the same time period, Romance on the Range is almost another run-of-the-mill movie in this genre. Thanks to better-than-average production, this stands above so many and was fun to watch.

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