Friday, February 16, 2007

Running to Pluto

There aren't many better ways to spend an hour of the afternoon. Makes me feel sorry for all the people who run on roads or paved paths or concrete sidewalks. On a trail along side a creek, (mostly) through the woods, with wildlife here and there is without a doubt the best!

time on trail: about 56 minutes

running time -- 7 minutes, 47 seconds (+19 seconds from yesterday)


Plumb -- self-titled debut

Willow Tree
Sobering (Don't Turn Around)
Who Am I?
Send Angels
Terrapin Station -- Lore Constantine
Brokedown Palace -- Adrienne Young and Little Sadie

It's easy to see how Amy Lee of Evanescence has mentioned Tiffany Arbuckle Lee (no relation) -- a.k.a. Plumb -- as an inspiration. I look forward to downloading more of Plumb's music in the future.

To end my hike, the piano version of Terrapin was pretty cool but Brokedown Palace by Adrienne Young has got to be the most incredible cover version I have ever heard of any Dead song . . . ever. I'll have to look into more of her music but most definitely I'm gonna keep that Brokedown as filler to include on other hikes/jogs. Why, oh why, did Jerry never play a beautiful acoustic version like this?

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Anonymous said...

Hi! Just wanted to thank you for listening to my Mountains of the Moon and Terrapin Station! Also, I saw Adrienne Young at a music festival and passed on your comments about her 'Brokedown Palace'. Thought you'd like to know! Lore Constantine

one says one number and the other another
but they were set at the same time. Hmmm...

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