Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Back on the trail again! And today's run it appears I may have reached a milestone, sort of. Prior to officially keeping track of runs, I might've had five or six and with those, right through to a couple days ago, immediately following each run, right after I stop moving, I'd stop dead in my tracks, half bend over with hands on knees, half dead and deeply breathing and so, so thankful my jog had come to its end. In that position I'd stay for only two or three seconds, not long, but it was always a needed thing in order to help recover from the semi-torture I had just put myself through.

But this evening I had no moment like that. Nothing. When I ended my run I kept moving, walking slowly down the trail. No need to stop! I noticed it instantly. Excelling I am.

But if only I knew how far I run. Definitely, probably, I'm feelin' about 97-99% sure it's over a mile. Perhaps a mile and a half? That might be wishful thinking there. To drive a car along the route to check on the odometer is something that just can't be done. Ain't about to buy a pedometer that won't be accurate. I suppose I just won't know and that's okay for now because I'm running on a trail in the woods and not a roadway or paved footpath. I wouldn't have it any other way!

total time out: about 72 minutes

running time -- 8 minutes, 50 seconds (another 22 seconds up from previous run)


Pretenders -- self-titled debut album (1980)

Up The Neck
The Wait
Lovers Of Today
Tattooed Love Boys
Private Life
Space Invader
The Phone Call
Stop Your Sobbing
Mystery Achievement
Brass In Pocket
Walking Blues -- Bonnie Raitt
Cold Rain & Snow -- Henry Kaiser
I Know You Rider, Going Down The Road Feeling Bad -- David Cullen
Touch of Grey --
Grateful Dead
(undated live version from Brent era . . .
off the album San Francisco for a Sustainable Future a.k.a. For Young People)

The debut album from the Pretenders has got to be one of the best albums ever! Five or ten best? Top 25? No way but Top 100 or perhaps Top 250. Almost perfection. Shed a song or two and then what a tremendous collection of post-punk/new wave/rock & roll. Excellent stuff!

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