Saturday, February 17, 2007

Beech Run

Halle-freakin'-lujah!!! What a great run in the sun to some totally awesome tunes! Having a subsciption mp3 service has opened me up to a new world of music that I would never have heard before. Buying CDs is something I, for the most part, stopped doing. Never did I download for free. Basically I, again, for the most part, just stopped acquiring new music. Since I got my Mp3 player in early December I have listened to more new albums of tunes than I did in the past like 5 to 10 years! Without all this new music, on my runs and hikes, I'd still be carrying an old tape with me in a five dollar walkman-type piece-of-junk portable cassette player. I'd rolling through my collection over and over. Those days are gone!

time on trail: about 67 minutes

running time -- 8 minutes, 6 seconds (another +19 from yesterday)

music o' the day:

Vicky Beeching -- Yesterday, Today and Forever

There's No One Like Our God
Stronger Than The Storm
Yesterday, Today and Forever
Call To Worship
Nothing Is Impossible
Extravagant Worship
Majesty and Mystery
Above All Else
Search Me
Turn Your Eyes
The Thrill Is Gone
Grateful Dawg -- Jerry Garcia & David Grisman

Great tunes! Why doesn't Vicky Beeching get more airplay on Christian radio? Hmmm, well, she didn't prior to December when I stopped listening. Since then I've been too caught up in other stuff to listen to radio. It was actually right after Thanksgiving when the station I listened to stopped playing regular music and started a run of EVERY SONG A CHRISTMAS SONG. Well, I turned that off and the On switch hasn't been pressed since. Every song a Christmas song for a month? No, thanks!

Anyway, her album Yesterday, Today and Forever came out (sometime) in 2005 and it wasn't until just a few weeks ago that I found out about her. Such a tremendous album!!! I just don't understand why nothing on it got airplay, at least not that I know of on the station I listened to.

In any case, this is going on my short list of Stuff To Listen To Again Soon and an artist to keep an eye out for new material!

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