Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Back to the Old

Hey Now! Not too long ago, the lovely and groovy Sugarmag suggested adding some sample songs for y'all to listen to while you're here, if you wish to listen, that is... not that you have to, of course. Great idea, Babe, I like it! I've actually done it once or twice in the past... which isn't often considering how much has been posted 'round here. I don't know if I'll always do it, sometimes time is limited, but I'd like to when I can. Today I can...

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As you can see, my musical selection for today is some good old ancient Grateful Dead. Twas December 1st when I last visited the year 1966... and that's way too long ago. My attempt to roll through the beginning of this band always gets sidetracked with, well, everything and anything else from not only the Grateful Dead but anything within the Dead family. I love it all!! I know lots of youse out there would dig more more more old timey GD... but this (what's posted here) is what I listen to and I'm known to completely mix it up! But I will from here on make a better effort to get back to the 60's more often. What we've got today isn't the psychedelic Dead that there's a lot of in 1966, something a little different from that...

Grateful Dead Steal Your Face plain designChronological History of the Grateful Dead -- Volume 008Grateful Dead Steal Your Face plain design

Grateful Dead 1966 (on Haight Street?) - copyright Herb Greene

Grateful Dead -- June 1966
Scorpio Studio recording sessions outtakes

San Francisco, California

Stealin' (Take 4)
Stealin' (Take 5)
Stealin'(with vocals Take 6)
I Know You Rider (Take 1)
Don't Ease Me In Jam (Take 1)
Don't Ease Me In Jam (Take 2)
Don't Ease Me In Jam (Take 3)
Don't Ease Me In Jam (Take 4)
Don't Ease Me In Jam (Take 5)
Don't Ease Me In Jam (Take 6)
Don't Ease Me In Jam (Take 7)
Don't Ease Me In Jam (Take 8)
Don't Ease Me In Jam (Take 1)
Don't Ease Me In Jam (Take 2)
Don't Ease Me In Jam (Take 3)
Don't Ease Me In Jam (Take 4)
Don't Ease Me In Jam (Take 5)
Don't Ease Me In Jam (Take 6 w/ vocals)
Don't Ease Me In Jam (Test Take 7)
You Don't Have To Ask
You Don't Have To Ask (Take 13)
You Don't Have To Ask (Take 14 with vocals)
Cardboard Cowboy
Cardboard Cowboy (Take 2)
Cardboard Cowboy (Take 3)
Cardboard Cowboy (Take 4)
Cardboard Cowboy (Take 5, with vocals)
Stealin' (Take 1)
I Know You Rider (Take 1)

This is... kinda neat stuff. A little repetitive, especially in the middle there. I do not know why there are identically titled tracks but there are... but they're not identical. Strange, eh? Essentially, for all intents and purposes, they are identical. It's almost like listening to Don't Ease for a half hour... but not a half hour long jammed out version, a 2-minute version on repeat. There's no banter or anything like that, just straightforward run-throughs. This ain't the live Dead from '66 which was sometimes getting into those psychedelic places they'd later be even more known for. Overall, this is more similar to the Warlocks (11-3-65) Autumn Records Demo which took place seven months before.

For a little more info, I found the following...

from Lone Star Dead radio:

Stealin' (2:32) / Don't Ease Me In (2:00) - The Grateful Dead (Scorpio 201) Released in June, 1966 (possibly July, 1996) on Gene Estribou's Scorpio Records. Estribou's studio was located on the fifth floor of 737 Buena Vista West, south of the Panhandle, and west of the Haight-Ashbury district in San Francisco. The label has black lettered text on a red label. The "Stealin'" side is cataloged as "003/201" and the "Don't Ease Me In" side is "002/201".

Grateful Dead - Stealin'/Don't Ease Me In Scorpio Records 45 single

This was the Dead's first recording contract. Both "Don't Ease Me In" and "Stealin'" are credited to Garcia. The original run was about 250 singles. It was recalled soon after release.

I probably should say there there are some other Scorpio Studio session outtakes which are not very easy to find. shnid=10091 has some more run-throughs. Mayhaps one of these days I'll get it. I might be into 1967 or even '68 with the Chronological series (hopefully I'll get it sooner than that) but when I track it down I'll most certainly post it up so those interested can have the complete deal. As it is in the world, 99% of people with Scorpio Studio outtakes only have this source.

ARCHIVE HEADPHONES6/xx/66 @ the Internet Archive:
no downloading, no listening.

Source: shnid=9513 Audio Quality:
Lineage: Soundboard Master Reel DAT CDR
Scorpio Studio sessions outtakes -- 6/xx/66

Song files labeled Tastebud are Cardboard Cowboy.
You might want to re-label them. Sorry about that.

The Music Never Stopped, 2009 -- Volume 44
6-xx-66 a.k.a. 66-06-xx mp3 download 320 kbps


Sugarmag said...

Hey that is cool that you put the listening link up. I like listening to it while I read about it :)

Adam said...

Hey Zoooma (and Sugarmag)!
This is such an interesting post. I've had this baby in various incarnations over the years, most notably on cassette and labeled as the Questing Beast Sessions 2/66. This tape was the first time I had heard Tastbud, a classic Pigpen blues tune to be sure. I'm glad to see you have been passing out the goods to everyone (as usual)!

In that same vein, I'd like to give a little back. I'm not too familiar with this site, how it exactly works, or who the fantastic original poster is, but this baby is a definite stop for any good Deadhead who likes MP3s. Not being overly picky myself, I highly recommend everyone check it out!


And I'm sorry about the cut and paste thing here, but I'm not overly computer literate, so please be kind!

Thanks again you two!


Timmy said...

A 5 star rating, here is not adequate. This is excellence in action! Thanx.....!

Anonymous said...

Vintage '66 Dead. It's even nice to say aloud. Thanks for posting!

one says one number and the other another
but they were set at the same time. Hmmm...

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