Friday, April 10, 2009

Cinci (Bearcat) Dead

The DeadHey Now Kids! Listen up! Didn't you hear me? I said -- LISTEN UP!!!! Shows for the upcoming Dead tour will be at the Internet Archive. The news is relatively brand new and I wanted to be the first to tell ya. If I'm not the first to tell you then fine, whatever, get your news from somewhere else, fine. Anyway... I was all set to get my hands on the first show of the tour as quickly as humanly possible on Sunday night/early early early Monday morning and then get it posted for anyone interested in downloading it. That was gonna be a quick turnaround, hopefully no later than 24 hours after-the-fact ... but now I do not have to. I'm still gonna do some downloading for myself and Sugarmag, and maybe I'll post a review or two, but now there's no need for me to bust my butt to get recent recordings of The Dead to you. Truth be told, I was looking forward to doing that as I love to be able to share and make sure people have access to the tunes they'd like to hear. But now, for The Dead in 2009, it's all on you!

Grateful Dead animated Dancing Bear
Issue 2!

Some of y'all might've seen a comment or twelve around here from Timmy and I wanted to let you know about tell you about command you to check out his Grateful Dead radio show this Saturday night.


Dead Reckoning with Timmy
Saturday night at:

10:00 p.m. U.S. West Coast / 1:00 A.M. on the East Coast
For youse folks in the middle, amongst the corn and soy beans,
or in the mountains, you do the math...
same for anyone over in Europe
(6:00 a.m. in Scotland, I believe) or way down in South America or Australia.
(Any listeners in Communist Cuba? HAAA!!!!)

Sugarmag and I streamed the show through the internet last Saturday and we really dug listening to the stuff Timmy chose to play. Of course you can all listen to your heart's delight to whatever Dead and Jerry you ever want to ... but isn't it cool hearing it on the radio? "Yes, Zoooma, it is." Right on, way to agree with me! I knew you'd see it that way. Anyway... even though we streamed it, it was still enough like tuning in on a real radio and I'll be "dialing up" Dead Reckoning on KTHO this weekend, too. So check it out!!

Grateful Dead Dancing Bears Separator Bar

ISSUE #3 -- tunes!

***** THE MUSIC NEVER STOPPED, 2009 - VOLUME 37 *****

University of Cincinnati Bearcats Grateful Dead Steal Your FaceGrateful Dead -- April 3, 1970
Field House, University of Cincinnati
Cincinnati, Ohio

Casey Jones, China Cat Sunflower-> I Know You Rider, Hard To Handle,
Dancing In The Streets, Me & My Uncle, Friend Of The Devil, Deep Elem Blues,
Candyman, Wake Up Little Susie-> Black Peter, Uncle John's Band, Katie Mae,
Good Lovin', Cryptical Envelopment-> Drums-> The Other One-> Cryptical->
Cosmic Charlie, Not Fade Away-> Turn On Your Lovelight

I'm rather pleased with the sound of this show. The exact lineage is not known and that's why I was thinking the worst. Except perhaps in the Dead's vault, no master reels are in anyone's hands, not even a 1st Generation Reel or Cassette. What this is, apparently, is from a bootleg entitled "Cincinnati 1970." It's a soundboard but not crystal clear (but still extremely sweet.) There's only the faintest hiss, there's a light buzz at times that's noticeable but not horrible, and there's a fade in or two, and the encore's missing, but overall, truly, this is pretty nice.

I really dig the early Friend of The Devil with some slightly different lyrics than everyone is used to. The whole acoustic set is very cool. It's been awhile since I've heard some of these done acoustically and it's a treat to hear the first known Candyman. According to Deadlists, the show wasn't broken up into truly separate sets as we're used to. They just shuffled some equipment around for a few minutes after Uncle and again before Good Lovin'.

As I said, I had no idea about this but I'm pleased, I like it. Not the hottest show by any means but a nice first half of '70 GD listen none the less. Phil is lighting up the Cryptical reprise, matching Jerry perfectly. Yeah, baby, crank up the bass for this one!!! When the jam hits its plateau, Weir's feedback-ish rhythm guitar might help the song shake you out of your chair or rattle your windows a little. What a cosmic collision and then to segue within a minute later into Cosmic Charlie -- perfectly fitting. Mmmm!

ARCHIVE HEADPHONES4/3/70 @ the Internet Archive:
the Soundboard for Listening Only

Source: shnid=4283 Audio Quality: SBD
Lineage: Soundboard ???? (from a bootleg "Cincinnati 1970")

(sorry, the one included in the .rar file is messed up. substitute this one.)
4/3/70 - U of Cinci - Part 1
Part 2 - U of Cinci - 4/3/70
Grateful Dead - Part 3 - U of Cincinnati
4-3-70 aka 04-03-70 aka 4/3/70 aka 04/03/70 aka 70-04-03 GO BEARCATS!


Elena said...

I hope you saw the HOME PAGE of the New York Times online:

That's right - a story about the Dead...enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post Zooma!
Fidelity-wise this one definitely has its share of warts and blemishes, but the band is playing at an incredibly fierce level (so who cares.)
Much Thanks (and happy Easter to you and Sugarmag.)

henryband said...

Zooma- Many thanks. This will replace a barely playable 25+ year old cassette I have of this show!

Timmy said...

I'm quite pert near flabergasted! Thank y'all. Cinci looks great...

Dogstarz said...

The Dead on archive is great news. Like you I was planning on stayin up late night or get up early and DL it and post it for people to get. Well I guess I can still post the links for it huh.

Anonymous said...

thank you for this...i love incredible year for shows!

Hans-Joachim said...

Thank you for reposting track number 1. It would have been a pity, not to have the complete show, or not?
Greeting from Germany

Anonymous said...

another fine show from one of the GREATEST ROCK & ROLL BANDS ever.
the dude from INDY,IN.

keep up the geat job.

Adam said...

Muchos Garcias once again Zoooma And Sugarmag! While February and May 1970 get all the publicity, how can you go wrong with ANY show from this great year? For me, 1970 is a year I put on for a lot of people to sample the GD because it has so many different styles. The band can play darn near any kind of music as well or better than bands who only played a style. Acoustic folk, rock and roll, blues, psychadelic, you name it, they can play it, WELL! Another fine example that proves yet again you two know where the goods are as well as any of us do! Thanks again,

one says one number and the other another
but they were set at the same time. Hmmm...

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