Wednesday, April 8, 2009

"We play quiet and you listen loud." (Free The Dead--Acoustic Set)


I had some time off from all this and truth be told, I needed it and I liked it... a LOT! This can be mucho work, posting music up for y'all. It's definitely turned into a hobby that involves a lot of figurin', uploadin', typin' and some etc etc etc, as well. Sugarmag (who's so busy right now with kids and grad school) still does a lot of the uploading and together we dig spreadin' the shows around to whoever wants to download 'em! (She'll get back to posting a show every now and then and, Babe, I can't wait till ya do! You're not listening to enough music!!!)

Anyway, great music should always be shared . . . but sometimes it's good for me to take a break. Fortunately, unless I'm hit by a bus or a satellite falls down from the sky and finishes me off, there's always something that'll need to be listened to and posted. Since neither of those or any other catastrophic life-ending event has yet to take place, this morning the music resumes. And hey, if you're a-here downloadin', while a-never necessary, a word of Thanks is always appreciated!

Shall we go? You and I while we can........

Free The Dead, Acoustic Show (Bob, Phil, Warren) -- Angel Orensanz Center, New York City -- 3/30/09Bob Weir, Phil Lesh,
Warren Haynes

Monday, March 30, 2009

Angel Orensanz Center,
New York City

"Free The Dead" -- the early show

Dire Wolf
Bird Song
Cumberland Blues
Pride Of Cucamonga
Lazy River Road
Casey Jones

encore: Ripple

A nice little show in this little space that was once a Jewish synagogue built in 1849. 1849! This has gotta qualify as one of the oldest venues that any members of the Dead have ever played. Top 10 maybe? That's my guess.

Opening the show is Dire Wolf and we're treated to all three guys taking a stab at the lyrics. Someone messes up and the crowd takes it. Very loose and free is how it feels in the room; that clearly comes through on the recording. Bird Song has seen way better jams acoustically but this is alright. Warren and Bobby head off into near-Space while Phil keeps it together. When they bring it back to Earth, the fans express their appreciation for taking them away for awhile. It's either this or be at work! Work?! Dead!! And here again, all three share lead vocal duties. Seems like that's something they return to over and over during all or almost all of the songs played this early afternoon (it was a noon o'clock show!)

Cumberland is an interesting acoustic choice, methinks. Deadheads usually think of this as a rollicking number but here it's played a little closer to mellow and it's definitely jammed out more than what a normal Cumberland by the Grateful Dead. Another lyric flub occurs but it's taken in great stride; no big whoop.

One more interesting choice is definitely Pride Of Cucamonga. It's almost like the crowd would rather've had something else, something they know more than that. It's not exactly like it was a GD staple at any time... ever. They do add a neat little blues touch to it which is well-liked and Warren's pickin' on lead guitar is wonderful. Again, not like we've heard Jerry solo here exceptionally well over and over so hearing Warren solo isn't anything too weird, weird meaning Not Jerry. Ya know?

Lazy River Road would positively have been in acoustic Grateful Dead sets someday. It was played in the acoustic Berkeley show back in '94 but sadly Jerry checked out before we got to see a return of something like the Warfield and Radio City shows in Fall '80. I just know that would have happened and that Berkeley show was the spark. Dang it!! But here we get a beautiful version that Bob is so well used to playing by now because of its place in his Ratdoggie dog repertoire. Very nicely done.

A tune I'd've never guessed they'd been a-playin' is Casey Jones. It's not bad. Has this been done acoustically before? 1970? In an acoustic set by The Dead? A new take on it... well, it's not that much different than usual and it's known so so so well by everyone on the whole planet but it's still a bit different here.

Ripple's the encore that's all too predictable and I think finally in 2009 I'm getting tired of it. Warren's slide guitar is a nice touch but the tune is too brief and has no fun to it. Ahhh well, to each his (or her) own.

All in all a nice little show that is a treat and a half when you really think about it -- Bob, Phil & Warren, acoustic, still goin' in 2009, in a 160 year old church, at Noon on a Monday, in New York Freakin' City... for free. Must've been nice for the few hundred lucky souls in attendance and the listen isn't too bad either. Crowd noise between songs is obtrusively loud at times and vocals and talking from the stage are a bit unclear but the music plays nice and strong. Not the best recording but as of right now I'm not sure another source exists.

ARCHIVE HEADPHONESThe Dead, as of April 8, 2009,
is not @ the Live Music Archive
Download The Show Here

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Part One - "Free The Dead" acoustic show - 3/30/09
3/30/09 Weir, Lesh, Haynes - Angel Orensanz Center - Part 2
3-30-09 aka 03-30-09 aka 3/30/09 aka 03/30/09 aka 09-03-30 Angel Orensanz


Sugarmag said...

Looks like a good show! I will listen to this today.

Nazz Nomad said...

i missed the shows- my buddy had tix for the roseland show for me, but i was in freaking Louisville! aaaarrrgggh

Anonymous said...

Thanks Zooma. You've done it again brother. Keep on keepin' on! Please.

Anonymous Deadhooker

jointathan said...

Thank you so much. I just listened to 4-9-70, then saw this and am now listening, also, here in my living room. 39 years, Wow! So timeless, as it always has been, this good ole' Dead music. Something feels different in this current endeavor. They don't have to be doing this. It seems like the hard road, but they're doing it anyway. All that responsibility on Warren--might as well try.

RDOwens said...

Thank you for this. Good stuff.

I was listening to this early this morning. I hit a very rainy trail and then Ripple came on. Awesome! I cannot tell you in what a great mood I was in as I hiked down the trail to this.

Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

got all 3 parts of the 3/30/09
show's , must say a BIG THANKS for shareing the jams.keep the live dead shows comeing our way,LOVE IT.
the guy from INDY,IN.

one says one number and the other another
but they were set at the same time. Hmmm...

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